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This package provides a library for interacting with Twilio's API. Install using

$ cabal install twilio

Documentation is available through GitHub (for HEAD) or Hackage for the current and preceding releases.

For TwiML, see twiml-haskell.


You can create a REST API client and fetch the calls resources as follows

{-#LANGUAGE OverloadedStrings #-}

module Main where

import Control.Monad.IO.Class (liftIO)
import System.Environment (getEnv)
import Twilio
import Twilio.Calls as Calls
import Twilio.Messages

main :: IO ()
main = runTwilio' (getEnv "ACCOUNT_SID")
                  (getEnv "AUTH_TOKEN") $ do
  -- Print Calls.
  calls <- Calls.get
  liftIO $ print calls

  -- Send a Message.
  let body = PostMessage "+14158059869" "+14158059869" "Oh, hai" Nothing
  message <- post body
  liftIO $ print message


Currently, our test suite makes calls to Twilio's API. This means that you will be unable to test without a Twilio account.

To test on your local machine, set the environment variables ACCOUNT_SID, AUTH_TOKEN, and TEST_PHONE. Twilio provides both test credentials and non-test credentials. Make sure to use your non-test credentials. Furthermore, the phone number must be able to make / receive calls, and be SMS enabled.

The easiest way to provision a compatible phone number is to use the Twilio Website to buy a number, with Voice / SMS / MMS capabilities.


Feel free to contribute to any of the open issues, bugfixes, etc. When you think you're ready to merge, ensure the tests are passing and open a pull request. If you are adding new functionality, please include new tests as well. Finally, add yourself to the AUTHORS file.