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  • v0.1.7.0 Changes

    • 🚚 [incompatibility] with previous versions, CHR (and required code) moved to separate libs chr-*
    • [compatibility] with ghc 8.2.x
  • v0.1.6.8 Changes

    • 🐎 [api] addition of replacement for TreeTrie required for CHR solving (gives x4 performance improvement), also forcing changes in uhc
    • [api] rewrite of scoped lookup/map
  • v0.1.6.7

  • v0.1.6.6 Changes

    • [compatibility] with ghc 8.0.1
    • [chr engine] development, examples, debugging, ...
    • 🚚 [libs] removed dependency on syb (and Data instances)
  • v0.1.6.5 Changes

    • ⚡️ [libs] updated version lowerbound for hashable and fclabels
    • [chr] dependency on logict-state lib, as prep for new solver
    • [chr] CHR rules have an additional priority field, as prep for new solver
    • [api] additional PP instances
    • 🌲 [serialize] generic impl of Serialize more efficiently generates tags (1 per datatype instead of log(nr of constructors))
  • v0.1.6.4 Changes

    • 🚚 [api] move of RLList functionality encoding lexical scoping to separate module LexScope (taken from UHC)
  • v0.1.6.3 Changes

    • 🚚 [api] move of RLList, TreeTrie, CHR, Substitutable (partial) from uhc to uhc-util
  • v0.1.6.2 Changes

    • 🚀 [uhc] as released with uhc
  • v0.1.5.5 Changes

    • [compatibility] GHC 7.10 compatibility: sortOn has become more strict, addition of a sortOnLazy
  • v0.1.5.4 Changes

    • 🏗 [build] included in cabal dist