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This is my take at an offline converter from the below defined formats to .c or .raw format.

I will try to make the tool as identical as possible to the corresponding tool at RinkyDink.


  ./UTFTConverter <filespec> /c|r [/o <path>] [/t AVR|ARM|PIC32]

  <filespec>:  File(s) to convert
  parameters: /c            - Create output as .c array files
              /r            - Create output as .raw files
              /o <path>     - Set the output directory to <path>\n
              /t <platform> - Select target plaform
                              AVR   : Most Arduinos, Bobuion
                              ARM   : Arduino Due, Teensy, TI CC3200 LaunchPad
                              PIC32 : All chipKit boards\n

  You must specify either /c or /r. All other parameters are optional.
  If /o is ommited the current directory will be used for output.
  If /t is ommited the target platform will be set to AVR.

Differences to the Windows tool:

  • You can specifiy as many files as you want, not only a directory (mydir/*.jpg still works, the shell does all the work for you)
  • If you specify a target platform while converting to .raw the platform will not be printed
  • If you specify a non-existing directory as target, it will be created
  • The length of the array is NOT preceded by 0x
  • You can use the flags in any order you want
  • This tool will check the files via magic bytes


  • precompiled binary for Ubuntu distributions in bin/UTFTConverter_u (compiled on Linux Mint 17)
  • precompiled binary for Windows in bin/UTFTConverter_w.exe (compiled on Windows 7)

Installation via cabal:

Step 1: Install the Glasgow Haskell Compiler and cabal OR the Haskell packaging tool

For Ubuntu distributions:
  • sudo apt-get install ghc
  • download the cabal-install.tar.gz from cabal
  • unpack the .tar.gz file, the cabal-install folder should include a bootstrap.sh
  • run ./bootstrap.sh
For any operation system:

Step 2: When you have ghc and cabal OR the Haskell Platform installed:

If you want the library AND the binary (the easier way):
  • run cabal install UTFTConverter
  • the executable is now at ~/.cabal/bin/UTFTConverter
If you want to build it by hand:
  • download the JuicyPixels library - cabal install JuicyPixels | `stack install
  • download the git repository - git clone http://github.com/cirquit/UTFTConverter
  • run make and the binary is in the same directory OR
  • run cabal install and the binary is in /dist/build/ and in your home directory under ~/.cabal/bin/UTFTConverter OR
  • run stack build && stack install and the binary is somewhere in your .stack-work/

Installation via stack:

  • Install stack Official guide / My simplified guide
  • open your shell and type stack setup
  • after that stack install UTFTConverter
  • look up the messages where your executable lies
To do:
  • maybe add resizing with a basic linear algorithm
  • I'm planning to make a simple API that you can start locally which accepts any below defined formats and responses with the parsed .raw file. (another project)

While working on a streaming project on the Arduino, I needed to convert .jpg's to the .c or .raw format on the fly and send them to the Arduino. Unfortunately, the tools that were included in the corresponding UTFT library were compiled for Windows and there was no public API to do so. That's why I thought it would be a nice first project, that some people could benefit from.