vty-ui v1.7.1 Release Notes

  • 📦 Package changes:

    • Now builds against vty >= 5. Note: this release of vty-ui does NOT make any special effort to support the new features in vty 5. Rather, this release is intended only to permit users to avoid building vty 4. A future release of vty-ui will include support for vty 5 features.
    • All demo programs are compiledd with -threaded due to vty5 requirement

    API changes:

    • Util: replace region_* functions from vty 4
    • Edit: added setCharFilter to control which characters are permitted
    • Added support for callbacks on entry-switch events for collections
      • Added addToCollectionWithCallbacks which behaves like addToCollection except that it accepts two callbacks.
      • Those callbacks are invoked when switching views in a collection.
    • List: Changed how the selection attributes are set and used when rendering the list.
      • Removed the attribute parameter to list constructors. Instead, the attributes from the context are used as defaults and setters (specified here) are used to set focus attributes.
      • Added two functions to set the selection attributes for list items when the list is focused and unfocused: setSelectedUnfocusedAttr and setSelectedFocusedAttr
    • API: add setEditRewriter to control presentation of edit widget contents (e.g. to support password editors) (fixes #47)

    🐛 Bug fixes:

    • Check lower size bounds correctly when deciding whether to bail on padding a widget (fixes #46)
    • Docs: remove stale mention of wRef binding (fixes #54)
    • List: item widget focus attributes take precedence over list focus attributes (fixes #49)
    • Mention enumitem.sty dependency in README (addresses #48)
    • Manual: correct description of getListItem's return value