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This library provides three core functions for automatically generating a homepage with articles, with separate pages for each article.

makeGets and makeGetsWithOptions should be spliced in at/near the top of the file where you will put the handler for your homepage. makeGets will call makeGetsWithOptions with the following args:

  • prefix = "" This is the prefix for the <title> tag of each article page, for example in my website, the prefix is "Matt Eads:", so each page title will be "Matt Eads: "
  • path = "templates/articles" This is the directory where all your <article>.hamlet files live.
  • exp = return (VarE (mkName "defaultLayout")) This one makes me uneasy, and I will probably change it soon. The purpose of this argument is to wrap do {$(whamletFile <article>.hamlet)}. In my website, I pass in [e|\x -> do defaultLayout $ x|], which is probably a good idea for you too.

Because of the wonderful type-safety-ness of all of Yesod's links, it is impossible, or at least infeasible, to generate truly separate pages for each article. Instead the workaround that I use is to generate a getArticleR handler, which takes in an argument from the url, this is used to then defer to the appropriate handler function (ex: getArticleR "foo" will return the getFooR function). However, you still need to make sure you put this in your routes file, specifically in addition to any other routes you have, you need to add !/articles/#Text ArticleR GET.

Inside your handler for your homepage (ex: getHomeR), you should splice in makePreviews or makePreviewsWithOptions. These will generate all the previews for your articles, as well as a 'Read More...' link to the full article. This will fail if you haven't first spliced in makeGets or its sibling. Currently the only option for makePreviewsWithOptions is the path, which is used in the same way as in makeGetsWithOptions, and is defaulted to templates/articles. The path is also the only option for makeContentsWithOptions. makeContents is optional, and if spliced in (ideally before makePreviews) will generate a small table of contents.

Here my Home.hs file for reference:

module Handler.Home where

import Import
import Yesod.Articles

-- $(makeGetsWithOptions "Matt Eads:" "templates/articles" [e|(\x -> do defaultLayout $ x)|])

getHomeR :: Handler Html
getHomeR = do
    defaultLayout $ do
        setTitle "Matt Eads"
        $(makePreviewsWithOptions "templates/articles/")

getAboutR :: Handler Html
getAboutR = defaultLayout $
              do {
                setTitle "Matt Eads: About";
                $(widgetFile "about");