yi v0.15.0 Release Notes

Release Date: 2017-09-03 // almost 5 years ago
    • [yi-keymap-vim] Fixed visual selection not disappearing after doing visual replace or visual insert
    • [yi-keymap-vim] More digraphs
    • [yi-keymap-vim] Implemented @@ (replay last macro)
    • [yi-keymap-vim] Implemented :cq
    • [yi-keymap-vim] Made zb (scroll to align cursor with the bottom of the window) behave better
    • [yi-keymap-vim] Fixed blockwise character replace on blocks with holes
    • [yi-keymap-vim] Fixed < in replace mode
    • [yi-keymap-vim] Fixed undo after using change operator
    • [yi-keymap-vim] Implemented & and g& (repeating substitutions)
    • [yi-keymap-vim] Made c in visual block mode change all the lines
    • Building with GHC 8.2 now works
    • Building with GHC 7 is no longer supported