aeson v2.0.0.0 Release Notes

    • ✂ Remove forced -O2 and then unneeded fast flag. Also remove most of INLINE pragmas. In the effect, aeson compiles almost twice as fast.

    To get fast compilation effect cabal-install users may specify optimization: False.

    • 👉 Make map type used by Object abstract so the underlying implementation can be modified, thanks to Callan McGill

    • ➕ Add ordered-keymap flag allowing to change the underlying implementation of object KeyMap.

    • ⬇️ Drop GHC-7 support

    • ✂ Remove Data.Aeson.Encode module

    • Double and Float infinities are encoded as "+inf" and "-inf". Change To/FromJSONKey instances to use "+inf" and "-inf" too.

    • FromJSON () and FromJSON (Proxy tag) accept any JSON value.