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Awesome Haskell Newsletter » 230

Top Stories
  • IDE: Summer of HLS
  • Transpiling a large PureScript codebase into Haskell, part 2: Records are trouble
  • Static analysis using Haskell & Datalog
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Textual Type Classes - a Haskell library for conversion between data types and textual data types
Featured Package // Category Data



Markov chain Monte Carlo with Metropolis-Hasting algorithm
Featured Package // Category mcmc

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Kempe is a compiled stack-based language
Featured Package // Category Compiler


Text generation language
Featured Package // Category Language


Terminal emulator configurable in Haskell.
Featured Package // Category Text

Static analysis using Haskell & Datalog

Article Popular Story // luctielen.com


Monad transformers for the persistent library
Featured Package // Category persistent


An efficient packed, immutable Unicode text type for Haskell, with a powerful loop fusion optimization framework.
Featured Package // Category text

IDE: Summer of HLS

Article Popular Story // mpickering.github.io

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Awesome Haskell Newsletter » 229

Top Stories
  • This is so hard to post: why my last three blog posts are wrong and how I screwed up trying to benchmark Haskell code.
  • Introducing Sandwich, a new test framework for Haskell
  • As a programmer who’s explicitly only dealt with Python and is now attempting to learn Haskell, this video is one of the most beautifully presented videos explaining the use of Lamba Calculus in settings where languages such as JavaScript would be implemented.
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Towards system profiler support for GHC

Article Popular Story // well-typed.com


Efficient Haskell Arrays featuring Parallel computation
Featured Package // Category Data

An introduction to Haskell's kinds (Richard Eisenberg)

Article Popular Story // www.youtube.com


Haskell Library for producing quality fake data
Featured Package // Category Fake

Introducing Sandwich, a new test framework for Haskell

Article Popular Story // codedownio.github.io


A set of utilities for using indexed types including containers, equality, and comparison.
Featured Package // Category Data Structures


array, slices and text
Featured Package // Category Z


An efficient implementation of Int-indexed arrays (both mutable and immutable), with a powerful loop optimisation framework .
Featured Package // Category vector


Scripts and instructions for using CI services (e.g. Travis CI or Appveyor) with multiple GHC configurations
Featured Package // Category cabal


An efficient compact, immutable byte string type (both strict and lazy) suitable for binary or 8-bit character data.
Featured Package // Category ByteString

Awesome Haskell Newsletter » 228

Top Stories
  • Cast Haskell values with Witch
  • Type Theory Forall Podcast Episode #10 - Classical Logic vs Intuitionistic Logic, feat. Thorsten Altenkirch and Anupam Das
  • Forget about lenses, let's all implement array-backed anonymous records for fun
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Haskell/Java interop via inline Java code in Haskell modules.
Featured Package // Category inline


experiments with SQL & Haskell
Featured Package // Category Unclassified

Cast Haskell values with Witch

Article Popular Story // taylor.fausak.me


Primitive World of Haskell
Featured Package // Category primal