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The APIs are flexible and easy-to-use, supporting authentication, user identity, and complex enterprise features like SSO and SCIM provisioning.
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datatypes and functions for easily working with passwords in Haskell
Featured Package // Category password



Candid Library for the Internet Computer
Featured Package // Category Codec

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An equational theorem prover based on Knuth-Bendix completion
Featured Package // Category twee

What makes a good compiler warning?

Article Popular Story // oleg.fi

Markdown To HTML Compiler⚙️

Library Popular Story // github.com

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  • Why `streaming` Is My Favourite Haskell Streaming Library | Blog
  • [Well-Typed] Choreographing a dance with the GHC specializer (Part 1) and Haskell Unfolder Ep 23
  • symbol-parser: Type level string parser combinators


Terminal emulator configurable in Haskell.
Featured Package // Category Text

symbol-parser: Type level string parser combinators

Article Popular Story // hackage.haskell.org


Haskell rules for Bazel.
Featured Package // Category bazel


:sheep: A fuzzy string set implementation in Haskell.
Featured Package // Category Data


Haskell types and parsers for software version numbers.
Featured Package // Category Data

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Call for early adopters of Sel, Botan and one-time-password

Article Popular Story // haskell-cryptography.org


Haskell FFI bindings to xxHash
Featured Package // Category xxhash

Why `streaming` Is My Favourite Haskell Streaming Library

Article Popular Story // jackkelly.name


base library for GHCJS for JavaScript interaction and marshalling, used by higher level libraries like JSC
Featured Package // Category ghcjs


The GHC API, decoupled from GHC versions
Featured Package // Category ghc

Core Inspection

Article Popular Story // oleg.fi

Awesome Haskell Newsletter » 371

Top Stories
  • Currying
  • Haskell development job with Well-Typed
  • binrep: Encode precise binary representations directly in types


Examine values for unexpected thunks
Featured Package // Category Development


A Haskell syntax highlighting library with tokenizers derived from KDE syntax highlighting descriptions
Featured Package // Category Text

Haskell development job with Well-Typed

Article Popular Story // well-typed.com


A Haskell library for converting LaTeX math to MathML.
Featured Package // Category Text


Small GitHub utilities like pull-status and changelog generator
Featured Package // Category Development

Solving Advent of Code ’23 “Aplenty” by Compiling

Article Popular Story // abhinavsarkar.net


Article Popular Story // wiki.haskell.org


A high-level ncurses alternative written in Haskell
Featured Package // Category vty


More extra tools for Nginx haskell module
Featured Package // Category ngx