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GNSS Converters.
Featured Package // Category Networking

servant-lucid vs servant-blaze

Popular comparison
  • servant-lucid - Servant support for lucid
  • servant-blaze - Blaze-html support for servant



Souffle Datalog bindings for Haskell
Featured Package // Category Bindings

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Introduction to Haskell execution and GC internals

Article Popular Story // youtu.be

autoexporter v1.1.19

A new version of autoexporter has been released
New Version

Last 7 Days


Storage and index for Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash
Featured Package // Category haskoin

A Low-Latency Garbage Collector for GHC - Ben Gamari

Article Popular Story // www.youtube.com

supernova v0.0.3

A new version of supernova has been released
New Version


Calculation of Y-sequence Hexirp edition
Featured Package // Category Math

keystore vs cipher-blowfish

Popular comparison
  • keystore - Managing stores of secret things
  • cipher-blowfish - Blowfish cipher

wiringPi vs clash-ghc

Popular comparison
  • wiringPi - Access GPIO pins on Raspberry Pi via wiringPi library
  • clash-ghc - CAES Language for Synchronous Hardware

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  • Bazel, Haskell, and Build-System Joy
  • My Type-Safe Blog in Haskell
  • A design for paths in Cabal
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Lazy Sort: Counting Comparisons

Article Popular Story // jaspervdj.be

hpqtypes v1.9.1.0

A new version of hpqtypes has been released
New Version

bcrypt vs xxhash

Popular comparison
  • bcrypt - Haskell bindings to the bcrypt password hash
  • xxhash - A Haskell implementation of the xxHash algorithm


Haskell bindings for the Swiss Ephemeris C library
Featured Package // Category Astrology

hlint v3.2

A new version of hlint has been released
New Version


Intervals of functors.
Featured Package // Category Data

ats-pkg v3.5.0.2

A new version of ats-pkg has been released
New Version


A functional embedded language for DSP and parallelism
Featured Package // Category feldspar

mime vs binary-serialise-cbor

Popular comparison
  • mime - Working with MIME types.
  • binary-serialise-cbor - Yet Another Binary Serialisation Library (compatibility shim)

html-entities vs mime

Popular comparison
  • html-entities - A codec library for HTML-escaped text and HTML-entities
  • mime - Working with MIME types.

Last 30 Days


A formatter for Haskell source code
Featured Package // Category Development


GHC Source Plugin that helps to minimise imports and generate explicit exports
Featured Package // Category Compiler Plugin


A compiler plugin which generates tags file from GHC syntax tree.
Featured Package // Category ghc

freer-effects v0.1.0.0

A new version of freer-effects has been released
New Version


A graph database middleware to maintain a time-varying graph.
Featured Package // Category net

Bazel, Haskell, and Build-System Joy

Article Popular Story // blog.sumtypeofway.com