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Automatically derive Elm functions to query servant webservices.
Featured Package // Category servant

hedgehog v1.0.1

A new version of hedgehog has been released
New Version



EventStore TCP Client
Featured Package // Category Database

The lenses book: Optics By Example - Early Access

Article Popular Story // www.patreon.com

thread-hierarchy vs legion

Popular comparison
  • thread-hierarchy - Simple Haskel thread management in hierarchical manner
  • legion - Distributed, stateful, homogeneous microservice framework.

Last 7 Days


Squeal PostgreSQL Library
Featured Package // Category Database

shadowsocks vs telegram-api

Popular comparison
  • shadowsocks - A fast SOCKS5 proxy that help you get through firewalls
  • telegram-api - Telegram Bot API bindings

star v0.5.1

A new version of star has been released
New Version


The MonadUnliftIO typeclass for unlifting monads to IO (batteries included)
Featured Package // Category unliftio

network-bitcoin vs mime-mail

Popular comparison
  • network-bitcoin - An interface to bitcoind.
  • mime-mail - Compose MIME email messages.

matterhorn v50200.5.0

A new version of matterhorn has been released
New Version


Composable widgets framework
Featured Package // Category glazier


syntax highlighting library
Featured Package // Category Text

Awesome Haskell Newsletter » 132

Top Stories
  • Neil Mitchell – Making a Haskell IDE – Munihac 2019
  • Why Haskell is Important
  • Oliver Charles – Fast Downward: Solving Declarative Planning Problems in Haskell – MuniHac 2019
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dhall v1.26.0

A new version of dhall has been released
New Version


EDSL for AWS CloudFormation
Featured Package // Category AWS

A* Search Monad Transformer

Library Popular Story // github.com

htoml vs yaml-config

Popular comparison
  • htoml - Parser for TOML files
  • yaml-config - Configuration management

aeson v1.4.5.0

A new version of aeson has been released
New Version

Last 30 Days


The Haskell LaTeX library.
Featured Package // Category LaTeX

optparse-applicative vs optparse-declarative

Popular comparison
  • optparse-applicative - Utilities and combinators for parsing command line options
  • optparse-declarative - Declarative command line option parser

distributed-static vs distributed-process-client-server

Popular comparison
  • distributed-static - Compositional, type-safe, polymorphic static values and closures
  • distributed-process-client-server - The Cloud Haskell Application Platform

ghc-prof v1.4.1.6

A new version of ghc-prof has been released
New Version

spritz vs crypto-classical

Popular comparison
  • spritz - An implementation of the Spritz RC4-like stream cipher in Haskell
  • crypto-classical - An educational tool for studying classical cryptography schemes.


Massiv (Массив) is an Array Library.
Featured Package // Category Data


An either-or-both data type & a generalized 'zip with padding' typeclass
Featured Package // Category Control