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Haskell bindings to the Swiss Ephemeris C library, bundles some basic ephemeris files.
Featured Package // Category Astrology

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  • Implementing Co, a Small Interpreted Language With Coroutines #1: The Parser
  • Anamorphisms aka Unfolds Explained | Functional Works
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HF Tech Proposal #1: UTF-8 Encoded Text - Haskell Foundation

Article Popular Story // discourse.haskell.org

Anamorphisms aka Unfolds Explained | Functional Works

Article Popular Story // functional.works-hub.com

force-layout v0.2.0.1

A new version of force-layout has been released
New Version



An equational theorem prover based on Knuth-Bendix completion
Featured Package // Category twee

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Dynamically-typed Haskell expressions involving applications and variables.
Featured Package // Category Data


General tools for Neil
Featured Package // Category Development

Haskell Foundation board minutes, May 6, 2021

Article Popular Story // discourse.haskell.org


Generate TypeScript definition files from your ADTs
Featured Package // Category aeson


The goal of the Feldspar project is to define a high-level language that allows description of high-performance digital signal processing algorithms.
Featured Package // Category feldspar


gopher library & server written in Haskell
Featured Package // Category network

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Haskoin Store is a blockchain storage service with a RESTful API
Featured Package // Category haskoin

Awesome Haskell Newsletter » 218

Top Stories
  • Free online intro/advanced Haskell courses [YouTube]
  • Quick and dirty backpropagation in Haskell
  • The trick to avoid deeply-nested error-handling code
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https://hercules-ci.com build agent
Featured Package // Category hercules

The trick to avoid deeply-nested error-handling code

Article Popular Story // www.haskellforall.com


A typed, polyglot, functional language
Featured Package // Category Code Generation


Universal Live Coding & Functional Reactive Programming Framework
Featured Package // Category essence


©️ Manager for license headers in source code files.
Featured Package // Category Utils

ZuriHac 2021 (18-20 June): Registration now open

Article Popular Story // zfoh.ch

Quick and dirty backpropagation in Haskell

Article Popular Story // mazzo.li


A lightweight, structured concurrency library
Featured Package // Category Concurrency


Speculate laws about Haskell functions
Featured Package // Category Testing

Free online intro/advanced Haskell courses [YouTube]

Article Popular Story // www.youtube.com


A group of libraries written in Haskell to communicate with Rollbar API.
Featured Package // Category rollbar