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SMT Based Verification in Haskell. Express properties about Haskell programs and automatically prove them using SMT solvers.
Featured Package // Category Bit Vectors



Tree shaking breeze for PureScript CoreFn AST
Featured Package // Category Development

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Awesome Haskell Newsletter » 290

Top Stories
  • Hello World Haskell
  • Memoization via Representables
  • Leet Haskell-style lazy evaluation in Python
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at: Effective Algebraic Topology in Haskell

Library Popular Story // github.com


Haskell implementation of the nix store API
Featured Package // Category hnix


Symbolic formula representation and solver interaction library
Featured Package // Category Formal Methods


Functional Reactive Programming domain-specific language for efficient hybrid systems
Featured Package // Category Yampa


Candid Library for the Internet Computer
Featured Package // Category Codec

Memoization via Representables

Article Popular Story // iagoleal.com


Haskell library for writing Discord bots
Featured Package // Category discord

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Library for dealing with system processes
Featured Package // Category process

Hello World Haskell

Article Popular Story // blog.drewolson.org


Modular arithmetic, promoting moduli to the type level
Featured Package // Category Math

Awesome Haskell Newsletter » 289

Top Stories
  • Performance comparison of popular parser libraries
  • Domain Driven Design using GADTs
  • Easy JSON in Haskell
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Generate Nix build instructions from a Cabal file
Featured Package // Category Distribution

haskell-language-server released!

Update Popular Story // github.com


Haskell game engine library for roguelike dungeon crawlers; please offer feedback, e.g., after trying out the sample game with the web frontend at
Featured Package // Category Game


CSL citation processing library in Haskell
Featured Package // Category citeproc

Performance comparison of popular parser libraries

Article Popular Story // gitlab.com


A high-level ncurses alternative written in Haskell
Featured Package // Category vty

Domain Driven Design using GADTs

Article Popular Story // dnikolovv.github.io


:milky_way: Prelude written in @Serokell
Featured Package // Category Prelude


HGeometry is a library for computing with geometric objects in Haskell. It defines basic geometric types and primitives, and it implements some geometric data structures and algorithms. The main two focusses are: (1) Strong type safety, and (2) implementations of geometric algorithms and data structures that have good asymptotic running time guarantees.
Featured Package // Category Geometry


This package provides the Haskell Data.Text.ICU library, for performing complex manipulation of Unicode text.
Featured Package // Category text

Awesome Haskell Newsletter » 288

Top Stories
  • "How to make a Haskell program 5x faster with 16 lines of code" (@lexi_lambda for Tweag).
  • Pure recursively defined sets without looping
  • Bringing Data.Text into `base`: What is the next step?
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Parse and write KiCad data in Haskell.
Featured Package // Category Data


Zeolite is a statically-typed, general-purpose programming language.
Featured Package // Category Compiler


Performant PostgreSQL driver with a flexible mapping API
Featured Package // Category hasql


WAI middleware implementing SAML2
Featured Package // Category Security