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[ANNOUNCE] GHC 8.8.1 release candidate 1 released

Update Popular Story // www.haskell.org


Terminal client for the MatterMost chat system
Featured Package // Category Chat



Efficient basic number-theoretic functions. Primes, powers, integer logarithms.
Featured Package // Category Algorithms

Simon Marlow - Glean - facts about code

Article Popular Story // www.youtube.com

Last 7 Days


Assorted concrete container types
Featured Package // Category Data Structures

ramus vs libnotify

Popular comparison
  • ramus - Elm signal system for Haskell
  • libnotify - Bindings to libnotify library


FLTK bindings
Featured Package // Category fltkhs

Awesome Haskell Newsletter » 124

Top Stories
  • Experience report: Haskell at Holmusk
  • [ANN] ghc-source-gen: Generate Haskell source code using the GHC API.
  • YOW! Lambda Jam 2019 — Dmitrii Kovanikov — co-log: Composable Contravariant Comonadic Logging Component
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Functional Reactive Web Apps with Reflex
Featured Package // Category reflex


A type-safe SQL mapper for Haskell that doesn't use Template Haskell
Featured Package // Category beam

tasty-hspec vs tasty

Popular comparison
  • tasty-hspec - Hspec support for the Tasty test framework.
  • tasty - Modern and extensible testing framework


A documentation-generation tool for Haskell libraries
Featured Package // Category haddock

haste-compiler vs dhall

Popular comparison
  • haste-compiler - Haskell To ECMAScript compiler
  • dhall - A configuration language guaranteed to terminate

ctrie vs streamly

Popular comparison
  • ctrie - Non-blocking concurrent map
  • streamly - Beautiful Streaming, Concurrent and Reactive Composition

Last 30 Days

data-lens vs filesystem-trees

Popular comparison
  • data-lens - Used to be Haskell 98 Lenses
  • filesystem-trees - Recursively manipulate and traverse filesystems as lazy rose trees.


A game engine library for roguelike dungeon crawlers
Featured Package // Category Game

elm-server vs elm-bridge

Popular comparison
  • elm-server - Server for developing Elm projects
  • elm-bridge - Derive Elm types from Haskell types

[ANN] ghc-source-gen: Generate Haskell source code using the GHC API.

Article Popular Story // hackage.haskell.org


Predicate Abstraction-based Horn-Clause/Implication Constraint Solver
Featured Package // Category Language


A grab bag of modules.
Featured Package // Category Unclassified

reddit vs discord-hs

Popular comparison
  • reddit - Library for interfacing with Reddit's API
  • discord-hs - An API wrapper for Discord in Haskell

Experience report: Haskell at Holmusk

Article Popular Story // holmusk.dev


my custom prelude
Featured Package // Category TODO

Awesome Haskell Newsletter » 123

Top Stories
  • Pragmatic intro to lambda calculus and various type systems - Found this very useful as it had readily running interpreter
  • Fourier series - pi. 3blue1brown style animation written in Haskell.
  • [GHC Blog] Improvements in GHC's testsuite infrastructure
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How I Intend to Help Steer GHC :: Reasonably Polymorphic

Article Popular Story // reasonablypolymorphic.com


Primitive memory-related operations
Featured Package // Category primitive

Global Implicit Parameters

Article Popular Story // kcsongor.github.io

Interest in a Haskell tutorial?

Article Popular Story // dev.to


QuickCheck common typeclasses
Featured Package // Category Software