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Scout APM allows you to find and fix performance issues with no hassle. Now with error monitoring and external services monitoring, Scout is a developer's best friend when it comes to application development.

Who's That Monoid?

Article Popular Story // www.doscienceto.it


Periodic task system haskell client and server
Featured Package // Category periodic

[ANNOUNCE] GHC 9.4.1 is now available!

Update Popular Story // discourse.haskell.org



portmidi is a cross-platform MIDI input/output library
Featured Package // Category Sound

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Kempe is a compiled stack-based language
Featured Package // Category Compiler

GHC activities report: June–July 2022

Article Popular Story // well-typed.com

GHC blog: Migrating from Make to Hadrian (for packagers)

Article Popular Story // www.haskell.org


Haskell implementation of JSONPath
Featured Package // Category JSON

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  • Magical Haskell
  • How to Haskell: Sharing Data Types is Tight Coupling - LeapYear
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Portable interprocess communication (IPC) in Haskell
Featured Package // Category System


More extra tools for Nginx haskell module
Featured Package // Category ngx


Textual Type Classes - a Haskell library for conversion between data types and textual data types
Featured Package // Category Data

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Markov chain Monte Carlo with Metropolis-Hasting algorithm
Featured Package // Category mcmc

Magical Haskell

Article Popular Story // leanpub.com


A comprehensive Google Services SDK for Haskell.
Featured Package // Category Network


Haskell GraphQL Api, Client and Tools
Featured Package // Category morpheus

GHC 9.2.4 Released!

Update Popular Story // www.haskell.org


A lightweight, structured concurrency library
Featured Package // Category Concurrency

Diagnose memory leaks on PINNED values with GHC 9.2.1 and up

Update Popular Story // epicandmonicisnotiso.blogspot.com

Awesome Haskell Newsletter » 282

Top Stories
  • Type-Signature: Who Wants to Be a Millionaire - but with Types
  • What's That Typeclass: Functor
  • Invisible Strength: From Monads to Alpha-Conversion
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The ASCII character set and encoding
Featured Package // Category ascii


Haskell library for the Microsoft Language Server Protocol
Featured Package // Category haskell


Haskell rules for Bazel.
Featured Package // Category bazel

Type-Signature: Who Wants to Be a Millionaire - but with Types

Article Popular Story // type-signature.com


Efficient hashing-based container types
Featured Package // Category Data


A time library
Featured Package // Category Time

Invisible Strength: From Monads to Alpha-Conversion

Article Popular Story // damast93.github.io


A library for writing discord bots in haskell
Featured Package // Category network

[ANNOUNCE] GHC 9.4.1-rc1 is now available

Update Popular Story // discourse.haskell.org