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Zigi makes context switching a thing of the past. It monitors Jira and GitHub updates, pings you when PRs need approval and lets you take fast actions - all directly from Slack!


Horn Clause Constraint Solving for Liquid Types
Featured Package // Category Language



Deploy tool for Haskell applications, like Capistrano for Rails
Featured Package // Category System

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A set of utilities for using indexed types including containers, equality, and comparison.
Featured Package // Category Data Structures


Coordinate-free hypersurfaces as Haskell types
Featured Package // Category Math

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  • WebAssembly backend merged into GHC
  • Funding GHC, Cabal and HLS maintenance - Well-Typed
  • 2022 State of Haskell Survey Results
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Call for documentation: errors.haskell.org now supports Stack

Article Popular Story // discourse.haskell.org


Haskell library for communicating with HTTP service using JSON
Featured Package // Category json


A Haskell library for converting LaTeX math to MathML.
Featured Package // Category Text

WebAssembly backend merged into GHC

Article Popular Story // www.tweag.io


Build database applications faster than anyone else, and keep your data pollution free as a bonus.
Featured Package // Category Database

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Fast Aho-Corasick string searching
Featured Package // Category Data


Easy to use library for building Telegram bots in Haskell.
Featured Package // Category telegram


Squeal, a deep embedding of SQL in Haskell
Featured Package // Category Database

Funding GHC, Cabal and HLS maintenance - Well-Typed

Article Popular Story // well-typed.com

2022 State of Haskell Survey Results

Article Popular Story // taylor.fausak.me


Opinionated Haskell Interoperability
Featured Package // Category core

Awesome Haskell Newsletter » 298

Top Stories
  • CS SYD - Automate your feedback loops using feedback
  • A Nibble of Lazy Evaluation
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Set up a GHC API session for various Haskell Projects
Featured Package // Category hie

force-layout v0.2.0.1

A new version of force-layout has been released
New Version


The GHC API, decoupled from GHC versions
Featured Package // Category ghc


Opinionated Haskell Interoperability
Featured Package // Category core


Haskell bindings for the Souffle datalog language
Featured Package // Category Bindings


https://hercules-ci.com build and deployment agent
Featured Package // Category hercules


Haskoin Store is a blockchain storage service with a RESTful API
Featured Package // Category haskoin


©️ Manager for license headers in source code files.
Featured Package // Category Utils

Awesome Haskell Newsletter » 297

Top Stories
  • Functional programming from sets and functions
  • Uniplate is a Traversal
  • Alternative Typeclass By Example - Chris Penner - Haskell Love 2021
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A Haskell client for tmux
Featured Package // Category terminal


Periodic task system haskell client and server
Featured Package // Category periodic

GHC 9.2.5 is now available

Update Popular Story // www.haskell.org