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Haskell GraphQL Api, Client and Tools
Featured Package // Category morpheus



Markov chain Monte Carlo with Metropolis-Hasting algorithm
Featured Package // Category mcmc

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Haskell library for the Microsoft Language Server Protocol
Featured Package // Category haskell

[ANNOUNCE] GHC 9.6.1-alpha2 is now available

Update Popular Story // www.haskell.org


A lightweight, structured concurrency library
Featured Package // Category Concurrency

Monoids in the Category of...

Article Popular Story // jackkelly.name


The ASCII character set and encoding
Featured Package // Category ascii


Library for functional reactive programming in Haskell.
Featured Package // Category reactive


Haskell rules for Bazel.
Featured Package // Category bazel

Awesome Haskell Newsletter » 308

Top Stories
  • All you need is higher kinded types
  • Using GHC's JavaScript Backend in the Browser | IOG Engineering
  • One step forward, an easier interoperability between Rust and Haskell | IOG Engineering
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Mustache templates for Haskell
Featured Package // Category Text

All you need is higher kinded types

Article Popular Story // las.rs


Fake dependent types in Haskell using singletons
Featured Package // Category Dependent Types

Using GHC's JavaScript Backend in the Browser | IOG Engineering

Article Popular Story // engineering.iog.io


A library for writing discord bots in haskell
Featured Package // Category network


Haskell EDSL and type-checker for AWS CloudFormation templates
Featured Package // Category AWS


A fourk of ormolu that uses four space indentation and allows arbitrary configuration. Don't like it? PRs welcome!
Featured Package // Category Development


Classic FRP, Arrowized FRP, Reactive Programming, and Stream Programming, all via Monadic Stream Functions
Featured Package // Category FRP


The Monad Transformer Library
Featured Package // Category mtl

Awesome Haskell Newsletter » 307

Top Stories
  • FOOL’s errand: let’s build a real FP language from scratch (in Haskell)
  • Parallel streaming in Haskell: Part 3 - A parallel work consumer
  • purecode - Functional Programming Talks | Free Event
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Library and tool for parsing .eventlog files from GHC
Featured Package // Category ghc


Haskell JOSE and JWT library
Featured Package // Category jose


fcf-containers add tools that can be used with first-class-families
Featured Package // Category Other


Scripts and instructions for using CI services (e.g. Travis CI or Appveyor) with multiple GHC configurations
Featured Package // Category cabal


An HTTP client engine, intended as a base layer for more user-friendly packages.
Featured Package // Category http


Configuration managment for haskell
Featured Package // Category conferer

[ANNOUNCE] GHC 9.6.1-alpha1 is now available

Update Popular Story // discourse.haskell.org


Run docker-compose with help from Nix/NixOS
Featured Package // Category Cloud

Awesome Haskell Newsletter » 306

Top Stories
  • @lexi_lambda: The GHC strictness analyzer, unboxing, and the worker-wrapper transformation - Tweag
  • Haskell can have a little Inheritance, as a Treat
  • CS SYD - A dancing space leak
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