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Ethereum API for Haskell
Featured Package // Category Networking

Awesome Haskell Newsletter » 72

Top Stories
  • Explaining why our team picked Haskell (and Elm)
  • A year into Backpack : Inside 245-5D
  • Why is servant a type-level DSL?
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Efficient basic number-theoretic functions. Primes, powers, integer logarithms.
Featured Package // Category Algorithms

Last 7 Days


An alternative format for Haskell packages
Featured Package // Category hpack

base64-bytestring-type vs yaml

Popular comparison
  • base64-bytestring-type - A newtype around ByteString, for base64 encoding
  • yaml - Support for parsing and rendering YAML documents.

cipher-aes128 vs cipher-blowfish

Popular comparison
  • cipher-aes128 - AES and common modes using AES-NI when available.
  • cipher-blowfish - Blowfish cipher

Type Isomorphism

Article Popular Story // kseo.github.io


Animation Framework
Featured Package // Category imj

hash vs compact

Popular comparison
  • hash - Hashing tools
  • compact - Non-GC'd, contiguous storage for immutable data structures

assimp vs fltkhs

Popular comparison
  • assimp - The Assimp asset import library
  • fltkhs - FLTK bindings


Tools for managing a content store of software packages
Featured Package // Category Distribution

A year into Backpack : Inside 245-5D

Article Popular Story // blog.ezyang.com


Fast number-theoretic functions.
Featured Package // Category fast

dhall-check vs inline-java

Popular comparison
  • dhall-check - Check all dhall files in a project
  • inline-java - Java interop via inline Java code in Haskell modules.


Convert Cabal files into Nix build instructions.
Featured Package // Category Distribution

Why is servant a type-level DSL?

Article Popular Story // haskell-servant.github.io

Explaining why our team picked Haskell (and Elm)

Article Popular Story // www.sanityinc.com

strelka-core vs postgresql-simple-sop

Popular comparison
  • strelka-core - Core components of "strelka"
  • postgresql-simple-sop - Generic functions for postgresql-simple

Last 30 Days


Predicate Abstraction-based Horn-Clause/Implication Constraint Solver
Featured Package // Category Language

Awesome Haskell Newsletter » 71

Top Stories
  • Fast Sudoku Solver in Haskell #2: A 200x Faster Solution
  • Eisenberg comments on the LinearTypes proposal
  • Parsing list comprehensions is hard
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hedgehog vs QuickCheck

Popular comparison
  • hedgehog - Hedgehog will eat all your bugs.
  • QuickCheck - Automatic testing of Haskell programs


OTP-like supervision trees in Haskell
Featured Package // Category Concurrency

Fast Sudoku Solver in Haskell #2: A 200x Faster Solution

Article Popular Story // abhinavsarkar.net

purescript-bundle-fast vs flow

Popular comparison
  • purescript-bundle-fast - A fast alternative to Purescript's `psc-bundle` to be used during development
  • flow - Write more understandable Haskell.


Conflict-free replicated data types
Featured Package // Category Distributed Systems


An Alternative to Monad Transformers
Featured Package // Category Control

Stackage LTS-12 starts

Article Popular Story // www.stackage.org

cprng-aes vs entropy

Popular comparison
  • cprng-aes - Crypto Pseudo Random Number Generator using AES in counter mode.
  • entropy - A platform independent entropy source