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Extensible Records
Featured Package // Category Records



Beautiful Streaming, Concurrent and Reactive Composition
Featured Package // Category Concurrency

numhask vs deeplearning-hs

Popular comparison
  • numhask - A numeric prelude
  • deeplearning-hs - Deep Learning in Haskell

hTensor vs hmatrix

Popular comparison
  • hTensor - Multidimensional arrays and simple tensor computations.
  • hmatrix - Numeric Linear Algebra

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Avro serialization support for Haskell
Featured Package // Category Data

Do notation is 20 years old today

Article Popular Story // www.haskell.org


Toolsuite for automated design of business processes.
Featured Package // Category Database

binary-serialise-cbor vs codec

Popular comparison
  • binary-serialise-cbor - Yet Another Binary Serialisation Library (compatibility shim)
  • codec - First-class record construction and bidirectional serialization


Creating the Haskell-Tools AST from GHC's representations
Featured Package // Category Language


Facilities for generating new parts of the Haskell-Tools AST
Featured Package // Category Language

Awesome Haskell Newsletter » 80

Top Stories
  • Exploring Nix & Haskell Part 1: Project Setup
  • An opinionated Haskell package checklist
  • uku - A Haskell CLI tool to display Ukulele fingering charts
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raaz vs lzma-enumerator

Popular comparison
  • raaz - The raaz cryptographic library.
  • lzma-enumerator - Enumerator interface for lzma/xz compression.

bsparse vs bytestring-conversion

Popular comparison
  • bsparse - A simple unassuming parser for bytestring
  • bytestring-conversion - Type-classes to convert values to and from ByteString.


Invertible parsers for S-expressions
Featured Package // Category sexp

uku - A Haskell CLI tool to display Ukulele fingering charts

Article Popular Story // adriansieber.com

Last 30 Days


Sampling random points on general manifolds.
Featured Package // Category Math


Squeal PostgreSQL Library
Featured Package // Category Database

graphics-formats-collada vs diagrams-svg

Popular comparison
  • graphics-formats-collada - Load 3D geometry in the COLLADA format
  • diagrams-svg - SVG backend for diagrams drawing EDSL.


QuickCheck common typeclasses
Featured Package // Category Software

pandoc-citeproc-preamble vs pandoc-japanese-filters

Popular comparison
  • pandoc-citeproc-preamble - Insert a preamble before pandoc-citeproc's bibliography
  • pandoc-japanese-filters - Japanese-specific markup filters for pandoc.


SwiftNav's SBP Library
Featured Package // Category Networking


General tools for Neil
Featured Package // Category Development

phash vs binary

Popular comparison
  • phash - Haskell bindings to pHash, the open source perceptual hash library
  • binary - Binary serialisation for Haskell values using lazy ByteStrings

Awesome Haskell Newsletter » 79

Top Stories
  • The Universe of Discourse : Why I never finish my Haskell programs (part 1 of ∞ˆž)
  • Declarative GTK+ Programming with Haskell
  • GSoC 2018 final results for Haskell.org
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Primitive functions and data types
Featured Package // Category hw


Strict markdown processor for writers
Featured Package // Category mmark

Declarative GTK+ Programming with Haskell

Article Popular Story // wickstrom.tech

criterion vs gauge

Popular comparison
  • criterion - Robust, reliable performance measurement and analysis
  • gauge - small framework for performance measurement and analysis

hedgehog vs QuickCheck

Popular comparison
  • hedgehog - Hedgehog will eat all your bugs.
  • QuickCheck - Automatic testing of Haskell programs


Low-level low-overhead vulkan api bindings
Featured Package // Category Bsd3