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Horn Clause Constraint Solving for Liquid Types
Featured Package // Category Language


Awesome Haskell Newsletter » 247

Top Stories
  • Make invalid laziness unrepresentable
  • [ANN] Hexgrip: Commercial Haskell IDE (preview)
  • Retrocomputing with Clash: Haskell for FPGA Hardware Design (book)
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My sandbox for experimenting with solver algorithms.
Featured Package // Category Algorithms

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Dual Traversable
Featured Package // Category Data Structures


A library for writing discord bots in haskell
Featured Package // Category network

Simon Peyton-Jones - A Microsoft Research Retrospective

Article Popular Story // www.compositional.fm


Haskell bindings for the Souffle datalog language
Featured Package // Category Bindings

[ANN] Hexgrip: Commercial Haskell IDE (preview)

Article Popular Story // www.hexgrip.com


Build database applications faster than anyone else, and keep your data pollution free as a bonus.
Featured Package // Category Database


:mage_woman: Convert values from one type into another.
Featured Package // Category Data

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Make invalid laziness unrepresentable

Article Popular Story // h2.jaguarpaw.co.uk


Generate TypeScript definition files from your ADTs
Featured Package // Category aeson

Awesome Haskell Newsletter » 246

Top Stories
  • Dragging Haskell Kicking and Screaming into the Century of the Fruitbat :: Reasonably Polymorphic
  • 2021 State of Haskell Survey Results
  • A Beginner’s Guide to Haskell and its Ecosystem
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Text generation language
Featured Package // Category Language

WebSockets with Haskell Servant

Article Popular Story // www.techmindful.blog


A prettyprinting library designed for laying out plain text documents
Featured Package // Category Text

2021 State of Haskell Survey Results

Article Popular Story // taylor.fausak.me


An efficient compact, immutable byte string type (both strict and lazy) suitable for binary or 8-bit character data.
Featured Package // Category ByteString

A Beginner’s Guide to Haskell and its Ecosystem

Article Popular Story // serras.github.io


Opinionated Haskell Interoperability
Featured Package // Category core

force-layout v0.2.0.1

A new version of force-layout has been released
New Version


Opinionated Haskell Interoperability
Featured Package // Category core

ANN: dovetail - a PureScript interpreter with a Haskell FFI

Article Popular Story // hackage.haskell.org

Writing about Haskell is hard

Article Popular Story // anthony.noided.media


Dynamically-typed Haskell expressions involving applications and variables.
Featured Package // Category Data

List of upcoming breaking changes

Library Popular Story // github.com