aur v3.0.0 Release Notes

Release Date: 2020-05-20 // 17 days ago
  • ➕ Added

    • 🔧 Aura is now configurable via a conf file! Aura expects it at
      /etc/aura.conf, but will not break if it's missing. If you install Aura via
      📦 its AUR package, this file will be installed for you automatically.
    • A new top-level command: -P. This allows users to analyse PKGBUILD
      🏗 files manually, as is usually done during building.

      • -Pf accepts a path to a PKGBUILD.
      • -Pd accepts a path to a directory containing a PKGBUILD.
      • -Pa to scan the PKGBUILDs of all locally installed AUR packages.
      • -P on its own will read from stdin. Combine this with -Ap to pull from the AUR:

      aura -Ap myget | aura -P

      sudo pacman -S aurvote

      aura >>= sudo indicates that someone may be trying to gain root access to your machine. aura >>= Potential PKGBUILD vulnerabilities detected.

    • 🏗 A new flag --vcspath to accompany the new VCS build behaviour (see below).

    • ⏪ A new flag --allsourcepath to accompany the restored --allsource
      👀 functionality (see below).

    • -O --adopt can now be called as -Oa.

    🔄 Changed

    • VCS packages (e.g. *-git, *-svn, etc.) and their cloned sources are now
      🏗 built and stored in /var/cache/aura/vcs. Subsequent builds will no longer
      👯 reclone everything.
    • --hotedit will now offer to edit .install and .patch files. #208
    • 🚚 Some modules have been renamed and moved around.
    • Aura.Diff and Aura.Pkgbuild.Base have had their contents folded into other

    🛠 Fixed

    • A regression that broke -Bc. #592
    • ⏪ The functionality of --allsource has been restored. #538
    • A minor difference in the behaviour of -Ss relative to pacman. #599