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AWS EC2 PubKey Management

This package is a collection of CLI tools for managing AWS EC2 public keys and SSH known_hosts files via the secure AWS API:

  • aws-ec2-pubkeys: Use a JSON representation of EC2 instance IDs to query public keys.
  • aws-ec2-knownhosts: Update the SSH known_hosts file with new host public keys.
  • aws-ec2-keysync: Update the pubkey file on S3.

A properly configured aws command line tool is a requirement for these tools to work.

Create Hosts

Have the aws_route53_record resource in Terraform run a local provisioner to output the newly created AWS instance IDs and DNS names:

resource "aws_route53_record" "service" {
  count = "${var.service_count}"
  provisioner "local-exec" {
    command = "touch aws-ec2-instances.json && echo '{\"init_key\": \""${var.key_name}"\", \"fqdn\": \"${aws_route53_record.public.fqdn}\", \"region\": \"${var.region}\", \"instance_id\": \"${element(aws_instance.service.*.id, count.index)}\", \"dns\": \"${element(aws_instance.service.*.private_dns, count.index)}\"}' >> aws-ec2-instances.json"

Get Public Keys

Now that the AWS instance IDs of the newly created EC2 instances are available in the aws-ec2-instances.json file, use the aws-ec2-pubkeys Haskell CLI tool to query the AWS API for the public keys of the included instances:

aws-ec2-pubkeys aws-ec2-instances.json aws-ec2-pubkeys.json

Commit the aws-ec2-pubkeys.json file to a repository to keep the public keys permanently. The public keys don't persist on the EC2 instance after reboot.

Update Known Hosts

The Haskell CLI tool will clean out the SSH known_hosts file of old public keys matching the hosts and then insert the newly queried host keys:

aws-ec2-knownhosts aws-ec2-pubkeys.json

Update Shared Public Keys

All provisioned boxes' public keys need to be up-to-date and stored on s3. In order to merge public key changes with the latest provision, the following command can be run:

aws-ec2-keysync <local_pubkey_file> <remote_pubkey_file> <s3_bucket_name>

Ex. aws-ec2-keysync aws-ec2-pubkeys.json aws-ec2-pubkeys.json knownhosts

This will copy down the most up-to-date public key file from the specified environment, merge in any changes from the local aws-ec2-pubkeys.json file, and copies the file back into s3.

Note: Currently, the pubkey file in each environment is named aws-ec2-pubkeys.json