base16-bytestring v1.0.0.0 Release Notes

    • 🔀 Merged omnibus PR doing a variety of things in (#10):
      • Improves performance by 3-4x for encode, 4-5x for decode.
      • The decode signature returning the tuple and actually returns an error message with offset. The signature will now be ByteString -> Either String ByteString.
      • Actually tests using the test vectors defined in the RFC, and uses property tests to ensure invariants hold.
      • Adds lenient decoders to the API
      • Adds -XTrustworthy annotations to the relevant exposed modules
      • Rewrites the haddocks to be more up to date and fancy-styled.
      • Adds benchmarks to the .cabal file so they can be run at toplevel, and make them better.
      • Bumps the Cabal version to 1.12

    ✅ Because of the breadth of this change, we are calling this a new epoch for the base16-bytestring library. Hence, the version