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Programming language: Haskell
License: BSD 3-clause "New" or "Revised" License
Tags: FFI     Cef3    
Latest version: v0.1.0

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Haskell bindings to cef3.

There is also a WIP cef3-simple for some higher level functionality of some common tasks. For usage example you can check the cef3-example repo.


If you use nix or if you are on windows - see the specific subsections below.

Here is a general gist if you'd like to do it in some alternative way.

First you will need libcef (branch 1750) installed somewhere on your machine. For linux or windows 64bit you can download it from the release page of this repo. Alternatively you can build it from source if you prefer.

Next you will need to tell ghc where the required lib and include dirs are, with cabal you can do it like so:

cabal configure \
  --extra-lib-dirs="<cef3-location>/Release" \
  --extra-include-dirs="<cef3-location>" \
  --extra-include-dirs="<cef3-location>/include" \

Then you should be able to install and use it.

Linux - Nix/NixOS

If you don't have nix:

curl https://nixos.org/nix/install | sh


nix-build default.nix

Beware: It takes about 20min and ~800M ram to build it on my machine. I will add this package to nixpkgs in the future so you will be able to automatically download it prebuild from binary caches, but for now beware.

Windows - Stack

You will need to have stack, curl and 7zip installed and in your PATH for setup.bat to work.


This will download cef lib and place it in C:\cef3-dev

stack setup

The configure.bat will point stack to where setup.bat installed the library.

Alternatively if you already have cef (branch 1750) installed somewhere you can just point the configure in that direction:

.\scripts\configure.bat <path-to-cef>

Finally run stack install and you're golden.



Disclaimer: This bindings are based on one done by Daniel Austin here.