clash-ghc v1.2.5 Release Notes

Release Date: 2020-11-09 // over 3 years ago
  • 🛠 Fixed:

    • The normalizeType function now fully normalizes types which require calls to
      ⬇️ reduceTypeFamily #1469
    • flogBaseSNat, clogBaseSNat and logBaseSNat primitives are now implemented correctly.Previously these primitives would be left unevaluated causing issues as demonstrated in #1479
    • Specializing on functions with type family arguments no longer fails #1477
    • satSucc, satPred correctly handle "small types" such as Index 1.
    • msb no longer fails on values larger than 64 bits
    • undefined can now be used as a reset value of autoReg@Maybe #1507
    • 🚦 Signal's fmap is now less strict, preventing infinite loops in very specific situations. See #1521
    • Clash now uses correct function names in manifest and sdc files #1533
    • Clash no longer produces erroneous HDL in very specific cases #1536
    • Usage of fold inside other HO primitives (e.g., map) no longer fails #1524

Previous changes from v1.2.4

    • 🔄 Changed:
      • Relaxed upper bound versions of aeson and dlist, in preparation for the new Stack LTS.
      • Reverted changes to primitive definitions for 'zipWith', 'map', 'foldr', and 'init' introduced in 1.2.2. They have shown to cause problems in very specific circumstances.