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Changelog History

  • v0.11.101.0 Changes

    • Add Eq instance for Ctx
    • add start and startlazy producing Ctx
    • Remove ineffective RULES
  • v0.11.100.1 Changes

    • Use __builtin_bswap{32,64} only with GCC >= 4.3
  • v0.11.100.0 Changes

    • new hmac and hmaclazy functions providing HMAC-MD5 computation conforming to RFC2104 and RFC2202
  • v0.11.7.2 Changes

    • switch to 'safe' FFI for calls where overhead becomes neglible
    • removed inline assembly in favour of portable C constructs
    • fix 32bit length overflow bug in hash function
    • fix inaccurate context-size
    • add context-size verification to incremental API operations
    • fix unaligned memory-accesses
  • v0.11.7.1 Changes

    • first version forked off cryptohash-0.11.7 release