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Programming language: Haskell
License: BSD 3-clause "New" or "Revised" License
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This is an attempt at parsing vendor-provided data to generate a complete database of the STM32 devices, which can be used for code-generation purposes. Main target is to replace original ivory-bsp-stm32 library supporting handful of devices with a generated version supporting most of the STM32 devices.

The package contains

  • parsers for SVD files
  • parsers for CubeMX database files
  • utilities for working with both databases
  • utilities for working with peripheral registers
  • ivory-bsp-stm32 library generator

Development environment

Cache files

At first run parsed XML files are serialized to cache files to save time with repeated loads of database

  • /tmp/data_stm32_cmx_cache
  • /tmp/data_stm32_svd_cache

Generating device library

genstm tool can generate ivory-tower-stm32-generated library with support for most of the STM32 devices.

To run it enter nix directory in the repository root. Run nix-shell to obtain data files creating the database needed by genstm tool. This shell has two environment variables set for your convenience - DB_PATH with vendor files and TEMPLATES_PATH pointing to templates used during generation.

cd nix

Then you can cd back to the repo root directory and run the actual generator

cd ..
cabal run genstm

Generated library is now available in data directory and you can build it by entering data and another nix-shell

cd data

Depending on [default.nix](data/default.nix) this will either build an environment for building ivory-tower-helloworld (default) or an environment where you can run cabal to build the generated library. This is useful for running cabal new-repl and reloading code instead of recompiling everything with Nix.

Building ivory-tower-helloworld examples

# in nix-shell from previous step
git clone https://github.com/distrap/ivory-tower-helloworld
cd ivory-tower-helloworld
# checkout data-stm32 branch XXX: this is only temporary
git checkout data-stm32
# adjust test/SimpleBlinkTest.hs
make simpleblink-test
# load and run
make simpleblink-test-run

Haskell overlays

data/nix/ directory contains overlays for building whole Ivory Tower stack in compatible and reproducible manner. Files can be adjusted to build from local git checkout see for example [ivory-tower-drivers.nix](data/nix/ivory-tower-drivers.nix) - swapping src and srcX will build from local directory instead of git checkout.

Final overlay is then constructed in [default.nix](data/default.nix) which also contains target to build.


First we extract data from $DB_PATH/db/mcu/families.xml and corresponding files from $DB_PATH/db/mcu/*, this gives us CubeMX database (cmx) according to src/Data/CMX/Types.hs.

We load all the SVD files found in $DB_PATH/svds/stm/*.svd.

Then we match each device with its SVD file according to its name.

Updating SVD files

Executable app/gensvds is a simple SVD downloader / unpacker. To obtain recent SVD files from vendor run

cabal new-run gensvds

To update the svds branch

mv svds new_svds
git checkout svds
mv new_svds/stm/*.svd svds/stm/
git diff
git commit ...
git push ...
git show # note the new revision

Don't forget to update nix/svd-database.nix, to obtain sha256 hash use

nix-prefetch-git https://github.com/HaskellEmbedded/data-stm32 <NEW_REVISION_HASH>