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This is a rewrite of the happstack-authenticate library. The original version was too clever in all the wrong areas making things like resetting your lost password impossible.

This version aims to be easier to use and less clever. There are also some new features being hoped for:

more modular authentication support. Previously, all authentication methods had to be built in. It would be nice if it was possible to select which authentication are available at build time by installing additional packages.

ability to restriction user account creation. Some sites allow users to sign themselves up, but not all do.

We should review this document and make sure we are implementing everything accordingly.


When authenticating we generally have some process by which the user confirms their identity -- and then some other method by which we recognize that user in later requests. For example, they might submit a username and password to prove their identity. In later requests they merely submit an authentication token. Some will argue that the use of the authentication token pushes us into the realm of 'sessions' and is also therefore not RESTful.