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Programming language: Haskell
License: BSD 3-clause "New" or "Revised" License
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Latest version: v0.8.3

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Build Status and unit tests

  • Jenkins: Build Status -- Basic primops only, i.e. atomic-primops package:
  • Jenkins: Build Status -- all Queue and Deque data structures in this package.
  • Travis: Build Status -- combined build&test for all packages in the repo.

Contents of this Repository

This is a multi-package repository. The following directories each correspond to exactly one cabal package:

  • [abstract-deque]: AbstractDeque - abstract interface for single and double ended queues, plus reference implementation in pure Haskell
  • [lockefree-queue]: classic Michael & Scott algorithm for single ended queues
  • [chaselev-deque]: work-stealing "1.5" ended deques.
  • [mega-deque]: a package that picks the best implementation for the interface constraints, which are expressed at the type level.
  • [atomic-primops]: safe CAS/FAA (compare-and-swap/fetch-and-add) on various kinds of mutable locations
  • [atomic-primops-foreign]: Add on package that provides an FFI based implementation of counters.

Please see the .cabal files for more detailed descriptions of each package.

How to Test and Install

First, to use compare-and-swap based data structures, you should be using GHC 7.4.1 or later. Some of these libaries will be forced to "fake it" on earlier versions of GHC.

You can install all of the packages in your user's .cabal directory with the following command:


You may also want to build the tests at the same time:

./install_all.sh --enable-tests

There are currently [2012.02.29] some problems with cabal failing to automatically install dependencies for tests (as opposed to libraries). You may have to manually install some packages via cabal (e.g. test-framework-HUnit).

If you take a look at that install_all.sh script, you'll notice you can also configure which executables for cabal and ghc it uses, for example:

GHC=ghc-7.4.1 CABAL=cabal-0.10.2 ./install_all.sh --enable-tests

Next, you can run the tests like this:


That test should complete successfully with a zero exit code.

Note that if you have trouble building test-suites through cabal, you can build them manually with GHC using a command like the following:

cd MichaelScott/
ghc-7.4.1 -O2 -threaded -rtsopts Test.hs -o Test.exe

Building with Profiling for debugging:

ghc-7.4.1 -prof -osuf=o_p -O2 -threaded -rtsopts Test.hs -o Test.exe

You might have to reinstall some of the dependencies with profiling enabled:

cabal install -p hostname xml regex-base regex-posix ansi-terminal ansi-wl-pprint test-framework test-framework-hunit --reinstall

Reinstalling with profiling can be REALLY annoying once the libraries are already installed. For example, if you forget a dependency above it will complete most of the compile, giving you the "profiling version not available" error only later on, resulting in a quadratic compilation process as you reinstall, add one more dep, reinstall, repeat.



  • It would be nice to add a binding to TBB concurrent queues or other foreign implementations (for storable types).

  • Test on windows. (It hasn't been tried.)