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This is the sample code to accompany the book Haskell in Depth (Vitaly Bragilevsky, Manning Publications 2020).

To get the source code on your system, you may want to clone this repository:

$ git clone https://github.com/bravit/hid-examples.git

To work with the code on your system, you need either:

Using cabal (3.0+)

To build the whole package, issue the following command:

$ cabal build

To build only one project component:

$ cabal build hello

To run a component:

$ cabal run hello
Up to date
Hello, world
$ cabal -v0 run hello
Hello, world
$ cabal run stockquotes -- data/quotes.csv -p -v

To explore a component in GHCi:

$ cabal repl hello
$ cabal repl stockquotes
ghci> :load Statistics

To test the whole package:

$ cabal test

To run one test-suite:

$ cabal test locator-test

Using Stack

To build:

stack build

To run:

stack exec <executable> [ -- <arguments>]

For example:

stack exec stockquotes -- data/quotes.csv -p -v

To test:

stack test

Unfortunately, exploring code in GHCi doesn't work due to bug in stack:

stack ghci <module file>