matterhorn v50200.17.0 Release Notes

  • ๐Ÿš€ This release is mostly focused on adding support for a "thread window" that allows you to carry on a conversation in a thread of your ๐Ÿ‘€ choosing while also seeing, visiting, and switching between channels simultaneously.

    To use the thread window, select a message with C-s and then press t. This binding can be customized by overriding the key binding for the open-thread key event.

    Once the thread window is open:

    • It can be closed with Esc.
    • The editor focus can be swapped between the thread window and the currently selected channel with M-o (the default binding for the key event change-message-editor-focus). The currently focused editor's prompt is highlighted when a thread window is open to help you spot the focused editor. The theme attribute focusedEditorPrompt can be customized to change the focused editor prompt style.
    • All of key bindings that work in a channel (such as C-s) work in a thread window, too.
    • As one would expect, in a thread window, all messages are implicitly part of the thread; no explicit C-r or C-s/r steps are needed to reply.
    • The thread window is per-team; you can have a thread window open even while you switch between channels to view other channels in the same team while still participating in a thread. Each team can have an open thread window for some thread in that team's channels.
    • The thread window's base attribute can be customized in your theme configuration file by setting the value of thread.
    • The thread window's orientation relative to the currently selected channel can be customized with either the /thread-orientation command or the threadOrientation configuration file setting. Both the command and config file setting can take one of the values above, below, left, or right.
    • By default, the thread window will not be re-opened next time Matterhorn is started. If you would like to make Matterhorn always re-open the last thread you had open on a per-team basis, you can set the new showLastOpenThread config file setting to True.

    Other enhancements:

    • There is a new /toggle-mouse-input command to toggle whether mouse input is enabled at runtime.
    • Matterhorn now starts and uses only one instance of aspell. Prior to this release, Matterhorn started one instance of aspell per team.
    • The message text parser now properly recognizes usernames that are followed immediately by periods. Previously, something like "@user." at the end of a sentence would not cause "@user" to be highlighted as a user reference. With this fix, "@user" will be highlighted as long as it is not followed by more valid username text; if the period is followed by non-whitespace characters that are valid in usernames, the entire token will be treated as a username as expected, since usernames like "@user.blah" are valid Mattermost usernames.
    • Added additional default key bindings for the following key events:
      • scroll-top: Meta-<
      • scroll-bottom: Meta->
      • filebrowser-list-top: Meta-<
      • filebrowser-list-bottom: Meta->
    • The help screen's section on keybindings now displays the key event names for all rebindable keys. The theme attribute used to render the key event names is helpKeyEvent.

    ๐Ÿ› Bug fixes:

    • Fixed a bug where clickable links were not clickable outside of messages in some cases. This affected clickable links in channel topics.