net-mqtt v0.7.0.1 Release Notes

  • 🛠 Fixed an error where there'd be an ugly crash in a situation where connections were failing regularly and we detected the failure before 0️⃣ a connection thread spun up. I was using undefined for the default thread value because it was intended to be immediately set, but did find a way to get there in a failure storm. It's a Maybe now.

    🖨 fail on unexpected packets. I had a print in there from very early on. Proper sequences are covered, but if a broker sends the client an unexpected packet, it'd be good to not just ignore it.

    When publishing, "no matching subscribers" should not be considered a failure. It's also not bubbled up to the caller, but it is returned as an error from the broker to basically say the publish was successful, but nobody cares about the thing you published.

    0️⃣ mqtt-watch will automatically reestablish sessions by default without reissuing subscriptions (including auto-generated client IDs).