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Programming language: Haskell
License: BSD 3-clause "New" or "Revised" License
Tags: Music     Multimedia    
Latest version: v1.9.0

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Music Suite

Music Suite is a language for describing music, based on Haskell.

<!-- See http://music-suite.github.io. -->

How to build

Set up the build environment

Install Nix (2.3.1 or later).

Enter build environment using:

nix-shell --pure

You should see this prompt:


Inside the build shell, the following commands can be used:

Build the library and examples

m> cabal update
m> cabal build

Build and run the tests

Property tests

m> cabal test

To run individual tests:

m> cabal run TEST_NAME -- TEST_ARGS...


m> cabal build && cabal exec --package music-suite -- cabal run doctester PATHS

where PATHS is a list of Haskell files or directories containing Haskell files.

For now, default-extensions is not recognized, so you must list the extensions explicitly in each file using a LANGUAGE pragma.

Development shell

m> cabal build music-suite && cabal exec --package music-suite ghci

Build the documentation

User Guide

m> cabal build music-suite transf hslinks && (cd docs && make)

The output appears in docs/build. You can point a HTTP server to this directory.

API docs

m> cabal haddock

How to upgrade the compiler/Nixpkgs

  • Update the commit/URL and hash in default.nix
    • Use $ nix-prefetch-url --unpack <url> to obtain the hash (and verify)
  • Enter new Nix shell (may take a while)
  • Comment out reject-unconstrained-dependencies in Cabal config
  • Update index-state in Cabal config to a recent time
  • Run cabal freeze
  • Run cabal test to check that compiling/testing works (and fix errors)
  • Restore reject-unconstrained-dependencies
  • Commit changes to Nix and Cabal files