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  • toysolver

    9.3 4.1 Haskell
    My sandbox for experimenting with solver algorithms.
  • hermit

    9.0 0.0 Haskell
    Haskell Equational Reasoning Model-to-Implementation Tunnel
  • moo

    8.6 0.0 Haskell
    Genetic algorithm library for Haskell. Binary and continuous (real-coded) GAs. Binary GAs: binary and Gray encoding; point mutation; one-point, two-point, and uniform crossover. Continuous GAs: Gaussian mutation; BLX-α, UNDX, and SBX crossover. Selection operators: roulette, tournament, and stochastic universal sampling (SUS); with optional niching, ranking, and scaling. Replacement strategies: generational with elitism and steady state. Constrained optimization: random constrained initialization, death penalty, constrained selection without a penalty function. Multi-objective optimization: NSGA-II and constrained NSGA-II.
  • typeparams

    7.8 0.0 Haskell
    Lens-like interface for type level parameters; allows unboxed unboxed vectors and supercompilation
  • cmaes

    5.5 0.0 L1 Python
    CMA-ES wrapper in Haskell
  • nonlinear-optimization-ad

    4.4 8.6 Haskell
    Several Haskell packages for numerical optimizations.
  • spsa

    3.7 0.0 Haskell
    Simultaneous Perturbation Stochastic Approximation in Haskell
  • hermit-syb

    3.5 0.0 Haskell
    HERMIT plugin for optimizing Scrap-Your-Boilerplate traversals.
  • minizinc-process

    2.5 0.0 Haskell
    call MiniZinc from Haskell and translate back-and-forth using Aeson
  • MIP

    2.5 1.6 Haskell
    Libraries for reading/writing MIP problem files, invoking external MIP solvers, etc. in Haskell
  • spaceprobe

    2.0 0.0 Haskell
    A language for combinatorial optimization in Haskell