pandoc-crossref v0.3.13.0 Release Notes

  • Main changes

    • More flexible equation templates

      See the documentation.

      NOTICE: Breaking change. If you're using equationNumberTeX, now eqnIndexTemplate gets applied to the index. Besides, the special handling of qquad is removed. TL;DR: if using equationNumberTeX, add eqnIndexTemplate: $$i$$ to your metadata.

      Also note that the default behaviour is changed slightly, curly braces are added around the equation index. This shouldn't affect the rendered result, but if you need to restore the old behaviour, set eqnInlineTemplate as follows:

      eqnInlineTemplate: $$e$$$$equationNumberTeX$$ $$i$$
    • Bump minimal pandoc version to 2.18

      Pandoc 2.18 changed some formatting, so tests are only compatible with pandoc 2.18, hence the version bump. In a pinch, you can build with older pandoc by using cabal's/stack's --allow-newer flag.

    🚧 Genreal Maintenance

    • Vendor (modified) roman-numerals library
    • ⚡️ Update tests for pandoc 5f0bfd41 (hseg, PR 348)
    • Complete purge of pandoc-citeproc references (gesh, PR #302)