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  • v0.2.0.0 Changes

    🔄 Changed

    • Error reporting (Breaking change). All functions now adhere to the Either conventions: real errors are returned in a Left, successes are returned in a Right. The non-errors constructors of PMError (NoError and GotData) were moved to a new type PMSuccess.

    ➕ Added

    • 📊 The poll function which binds to 📊 Pm_Poll.
    • The readEventsToBuffer function, to read events in a user-supplied buffer.
    • The PMSuccess type representing non-errors, with its associated functions getText and getSuccessText.
  • v0.1.6.1 Changes

    commit 3b92597d84113969371612fb5c590b9f8c77d53c Author: Paul H. Liu [email protected] Date: Wed Jul 6 09:34:40 2016 -0700

    Fix case sensitivity, and bump version to to correct version number

    commit 2d5266dd325f2c248a9022679abfcebe9b317a95 Author: Paul H. Liu [email protected] Date: Tue Jul 5 21:37:24 2016 -0700

    Move to github, and bump version to

    commit d7946afcfd7c3204c1ea999ed7fdb9c4e9ff20a7 Author: Paul Liu [email protected] Date: Sun Apr 3 00:46:02 2016 -0700

    PMEvent uses CLong as message type to better handle SysEx.
    Ignore-this: 367f146403228813c914a23bfc2a1248
    - This is a breaking change. Use encodeMsg or decodeMsg to work with PMMsg.

    commit d5217416a5477f10a36727254425a572d18b7e4a Author: Paul Liu [email protected] Date: Sun Apr 3 00:40:29 2016 -0700

    Use LANGUAGE pragma instead of OPTIONS_GHC
    Ignore-this: c65fb70875497b8e6c46f76ee9105dbe

    commit 358452adfcf91c2436752f9b95ebcc5d5124db97 Author: Paul Liu [email protected] Date: Sun Apr 3 00:40:09 2016 -0700

    Detect freebsd OS
    Ignore-this: 9f819a332d364679acc2e005488f9375

    commit c64496ded49633100864e8e0e192a9333ef8caa5 Author: Paul Liu [email protected] Date: Mon Sep 21 22:17:09 2015 -0700

    Add CHANGELOG.txt to package, and bump version to
    Ignore-this: 465173236978f9557dbbc574b5d34a8f

    commit fda70ecb49f85fd4dccc5daaecbdd9f96fe1651f Author: Paul Liu [email protected] Date: Mon Sep 21 11:29:09 2015 -0700

    Update README and bump version to
    Ignore-this: 98500cbf8d27a5068949cb458648500e

    commit 044b0f47f3fc3bc6ade39c2972fb4b40c16c4e05 Author: Paul Liu [email protected] Date: Mon Sep 21 11:17:37 2015 -0700

    Bump version to 0.1.5
    Ignore-this: 4fb2ae12ea9145bac0f0459ff3073169

    commit a158c93a9d50c8bc56a3be908effd4020f9e7cc0 Author: Mark Lentczner [email protected] Date: Mon Sep 21 11:16:04 2015 -0700

    On some systems, Int is not the same size as CInt.
    Ignore-this: 7bd6231264f14d66dd4c0156cc3266ba
    - Added hidden module Sound.PortMidi.DeviceInfo, moving DeviceInfo and peekDeviceInfo there
     - this allowed it to be a hsc2hs module, enabling peekDeviceInfo to use C generated structure offsets and sizes
    - FFI declarations for C calls that take and return PmError and PmDeviceID have been changed to take and return CInt rather than Int
    - Haskell functions interfacing with C calls have had fromIntegral calls added as needed
    - toPMError convenience function added, which replaced many calls to toEnum
    - FFI declaration for Pm_CountDevices added, countDevices became a Haskell function
    - PMError's toEnum function produces a more useful error message when the "impossible" happens

    commit cfae744f937cf4dfafd9e03bce9e0088a5b375f5 Author: Mark Lentczner [email protected] Date: Mon Sep 21 11:15:00 2015 -0700

    Add strictness annotation when necessary
    Ignore-this: 9e5792f9ad04c797fcd51b244d7485fa

    commit 4fb6f505b2f495bad6ddd1072ff41b51001d9b44 Author: Paul Liu [email protected] Date: Wed May 6 00:33:40 2015 -0700

    Update cabal file, and bump version to 0.1.4
    Ignore-this: 8b1d17f401ebd925a4bc6ff7778b453d

    commit a164e464065c84f3f4e958c53271f930c097f2d3 Author: Paul Liu [email protected] Date: Wed May 6 00:33:10 2015 -0700

    Use withCAString for writeSysEx
    Ignore-this: 9499c201b5fb289cda27c090fdbf1541

    commit c3ad563bbce9fbc25c8470865ded7b070d0d030e Author: Paul Liu [email protected] Date: Wed Sep 16 11:06:11 2009 -0700

    remove conflicts in cabal file
    Ignore-this: 3ef1f4b655182e4cc5eb861e8f2427f1

    commit 6b0963d50576c0572155e421a4e6d02c8c649d8c Author: Paul Liu [email protected] Date: Wed Sep 16 11:01:59 2009 -0700

    fix compilation problem on OS X
    Ignore-this: a87d64d1c1a59bd161edecbde23932e3

    commit 13c1d569f8566968bd0a214903d11c08a1101a2a Author: Paul Liu [email protected] Date: Thu Jul 30 14:32:59 2009 -0700

    make cabal work for ghc 6.10.* on OS X

    commit 8b7e2ea3c5ef6cb2b436e136964c2ee5814ffc02 Author: Paul Liu [email protected] Date: Thu Sep 4 18:59:02 2008 -0700

    PortMidi-0.1 initial release