safecopy v0.10.0 Release Notes

  • 0️⃣ This version replaces the default implementation of getCopy and putCopy with a full implementation using GHC.Generics. Before these functions simply serialized and deserialized their argument. Now they function identically to the instances generated by deriveSafeCopy. This means that embedded values with SafeCopy instances will be migrated properly, and that you can replace template haskell with standalone deriving instances such as "deriving instance SafeCopy Foo where kind = extension; 🔖 version = 3".

    0️⃣ The one caveat is that the new default implementation of getCopy and 🏗 putCopy adds the constraint "Typeable a", so that it can build a set of the subtypes that appear in a. This will only affect code that already 0️⃣ used the default instance, not code that used deriveSafeCopy or custom SafeCopy instances. If you do run into this you can add a custom SafeCopy instance with the old implementations mentioned above.