sbv v4.1 Release Notes

Release Date: 2015-03-06 // over 7 years ago
    • Add support for the ABC solver from Berkeley. Thanks to Adam Foltzer for the required infrastructure! See: And Alan Mishchenko for adding infrastructure to ABC to work with SBV.

    • Upgrade the Boolector connection to use a SMT-Lib2 based interaction. NB. You need at least Boolector 2.0.6 installed!

    • Tracking changes in the SMT-Lib floating-point theory. If you are using symbolic floating-point types (i.e., SFloat and SDouble), then you should upgrade to this version and also get a very latest (unstable) Z3 release. See for details.

    • Introduce a new class, 'RoundingFloat', which supports floating-point operations with arbitrary rounding-modes. Note that Haskell only allows RoundNearestTiesToAway, but with SBV, we get all 5 IEEE754 rounding-modes and all the basic operations ('fpAdd', 'fpMul', 'fpDiv', etc.) with these modes.

    • Allow Floating-Point RoundingMode to be symbolic as well

    • Improve the example Data/SBV/Examples/Misc/Floating.hs to include rounding-mode based addition example.

    • Changes required to make SBV compile with GHC 7.10; mostly around instance NFData declarations. Thanks to Iavor Diatchki for the patch.

    • Export a few extra symbols from the Internals module (mainly for Cryptol usage.)