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An implementation of a type-preserving Compiler, derived from the paper

From System F to Typed Assembly Language by Morrisett, Walker, Crary, Glew

I was inspired to implement this paper while preparing for Papers We Love.

The implementation includes all passes described in the paper:

  • F ==> K (Typed CPS conversion)
  • K ==> C (Polymorphic closure conversion)
  • C ==> H (Hoisting, reuses the C language)
  • H ==> A (Allocation)
  • A ==> TAL (Code generation)

Each language (F, K, C, A, TAL) is defined in the corresponding source file. These implementations include the abstract syntax, small-step operational semantics, and type checker for the languages. The file [Util.hs](src/Util.hs) contains definitions common to all implementations.

The compiler itself is in the file [translate.hs](src/translate.hs). To run the compiler, load this file into ghci and try out one of the sample programs from [F.hs](src/F.hs).

In particular, you can try

 Translate*> printM $ compile F.sixfact

to see the TAL output for the factorial function applied to six.

If you would like to compile and then run this function you can try:

 Translate*> test F.sixfact