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Programming language: Haskell
License: BSD 3-clause "New" or "Revised" License
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Latest version: v1.1.17

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This Ingredient for tasty testing framework allows to filter a test tree depending on an outcome of the previous run. This may be useful in many scenarios, especially when a test suite grows large.

For example, tasty-rerun allows:

  • Rerun only tests, which failed during the last run (--rerun). Combined with live reloading (e. g., using ghcid or stack test --file-watch), it gives an ultimate power to focus on broken parts and put them back in shape, enjoying a tight feedback loop.
  • Rerun only tests, which have beed added since the last saved test run. This comes handy when writing a new module, which does not affect other parts of the system, or adding new test cases.
  • Rerun only tests, which passed during the last saved test run. Sometimes a part of the test suite is consistently failing (e. g., an external service is temporarily down), but you want be sure that you are not breaking anything else in course of your work.

To add it to your test suite just replace Test.Tasty.defaultMain with Test.Tasty.Ingredients.Rerun.defaultMainWithRerun:

import Test.Tasty
import Test.Tasty.Ingredients.Rerun

main :: IO ()
main = defaultMainWithRerun tests

tests :: TestTree
tests = undefined

Use --help to list command-line options:

  • --rerun

Rerun only tests, which failed during the last run. If the last run was successful, execute a full test suite afresh. A shortcut for --rerun-update --rerun-filter failures,exceptions --rerun-all-on-success.

  • --rerun-update

Update the log file to reflect latest test outcomes.

  • --rerun-filter CATEGORIES

Read the log file and rerun only tests from a given comma-separated list of categories: failures, exceptions, new, successful. If this option is omitted or the log file is missing, rerun everything.

  • --rerun-all-on-success

If according to the log file and --rerun-filter there is nothing left to rerun, run all tests. This comes especially handy in stack test --file-watch or ghcid scenarios.

  • --rerun-log-file FILE

Location of the log file (default: .tasty-rerun-log).