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Programming language: Haskell
License: BSD 3-clause "New" or "Revised" License
Tags: Data     Control    
Latest version: v0.1.4

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Get all your structure and rip it apart 🔪

The main idea: if you can describe your data structure via Cofree, you got:

  • Comonadic methods, you always can extract a focus value or extend with some function
  • With apart you can serialize, persistent or hash a segment of your structure!

Example usage

Let's define a simple non-empty list type:

type Stack a = Cofree Maybe a

Then, build a value of this type, stack of integers, the whole structure in memory (ignore lazy evaluation aspects now):

inmemory :: Stack Int
inmemory = 1 :< Just (2 :< Just (3 :< Just (4 :< Just (5 :< Nothing))))

Set a limit for structure

Sometimes, we don’t need to hold a whole structure in memory, can it be good just cut a part of it and save to file?

save_to_file :: FilePath -> Segment Stack Int -> IO FilePath
save_to_file fp structure = writeFile fp (show structure) *> pure fp

scattered = IO (Scattered Stack Int FilePath)
scattered = limit 2 (save_to_file "part.txt") inmemory

And our structure transformed into:

scattered :: Scattered Stack Int FilePath
scattered = Apart $ 1 :< Ready (Just $ 2 :< Ready (Just $ 3 :< Converted "part.txt"))

Traverse over scattered structure

We also can fluently traverse over scattered structure with action and function for recover a segment:

fluently :: IO (Stack ())
fluently = fluent print read_from_file scattered

Recover scattered structure

Return back to memory our stack of integers:

read_from_file :: FilePath -> IO (Segment Stack Int)
read_from_file fp = read @(Segment Stack Int) <$> readFile fp

inmemory :: IO (Stack Int)
inmemory = recover read_from_file scattered