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A library for constructing SMTP clients, which provides the core functionality for assumpta. It provides a monad transformer and an mtl-style class for sending SMTP commands (including STARTTLS) to a server and checking for expected responses, over some abstract connection type.

It does not provide a concrete implementation which can actually be used to communicate over a network - for that, see the assumpta package.


assumpta-core can be installed in the standard way using stack or cabal (e.g. stack install assumpta-core).


See the assumpta package for examples of usage.

Typically, you will want to:

  • write an instance of the Connection class in Network.Mail.Assumpta.Connection, providing a concrete implementation in terms of some networking library. (assumpta contains one based on connection.)
  • for convenience, write a type synonym for the SmtpT transformer, specialized over your new Connection instance (MySmtpT = SmtpT MyConnection).
  • And that should be enough for you to start communicating with a server. See the examples in assumpta for more details.


  • Q. Why the name 'Assumpta'?

    A. Dunno, I just like it as a name. It means "assumption" you know. I find I make many of those when programming.


Many thanks to Alexander Vieth (author of smtp-mail-ng), and to Jason Hickner and Matt Parsons (authors of smtp-mail), whose packages provided the original basis for the assumpta-core code.