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Programming language: Haskell
License: BSD 3-clause "New" or "Revised" License
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Hakyll extension which supports the creation of hierarchical menus from source files in a directory structure. Adittionally single page web sites can created by using flattened page id's instead of urls.

Build the library

  • stack build


The exported dirListField function is similar to the Hakyll listField template function but creates additional context information which can be used in the template to create a hierarchical menu.

Context usable inside the template

  • $begin-tags$ injects <li> and <ul> tags if apropriate
  • $end-tags$ contains the corresponding </li> and </ul> tags
  • $full-page-id$ is the hyphen seperated path of the page
  • use configuration to get level dependant structuring tags ### Metainformation in the source files For each subdirectory which should be processed one source file with the same base name should exist which can contain meta information:
  • pages/a.md top page for directory a
  • pages/a/foo.md page foo within a

The following meta information can be given

  • page-id part of the generated id, if not given the base name of the file
  • page-order give an ordering key for sorting in the current directory level, if not given the page-id will be used

For a more fine grained control the tags which are used are configurable for each level of the menu.


See the example for an illustration of usage.