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This is an updated version of Dylan Simon's matlab package which is available on Hackage. I made changes primarily to allow the package to work with newer versions of GHC and MATLAB.



You will probably need to add some arguments that point Cabal to your MATLAB installation. For example, on a Linux system with MATLAB R2014a, it may look like this:

cabal install --extra-lib-dirs="/usr/local/MATLAB/R2014a/bin/glnxa64/" --extra-include-dirs="/usr/local/MATLAB/R2014a/extern/include/"

On a Windows system with the MATLAB Compiler Runtime, it might look like this:

cabal install --extra-include-dirs="C:\Program Files\MATLAB\MATLAB Compiler Runtime\v83\extern\include" --extra-lib-dirs="C:\Program Files\MATLAB\MATLAB Compiler Runtime\v83\bin\win64"


These instructiosn are much the same as the Cabal instructions above.

(omit the --nix argument if not using Nix or NixOS)

$ stack --extra-lib-dirs=$MATLAB_PATH/bin/glnxa64 --extra-include-dirs=$MATLAB_PATH/extern/include --nix build


IMPORTANT Caveat: If it is necessary to specify the -glnxa64 option, the matlab shell script should instead be modified to hardcode ARCH as glnxa64. Aside from convenience, certain APIs like the MATLAB Engine API will not always work otherwise (you will likely see an error involving trap).

These instructions assume stack is to be used in a Nix environment. If you don't already have stack in our environment you can add it, or likely you can just run nix-shell deps.nix to load stack and other dependencies.

You can load a MATLAB nix shell such as the one found in shell.nix - feel free to modify it to add other packages for your particular project; in this case shell.nix depends on deps.nix. What is important to keep in mind about shell.nix is that it is configured to be used by stack in the stack.yaml file, but you could also run nix-shell shell.nix (or simply nix-shell in the current directory) to load an environment in which you could run MATLAB as well.

Confirm it is working by running matlab -nodisplay -nosplash.

Build the project using the build command above under "Stack notes".

Test platforms

This package has been confirmed to work on the following systems:

GHC version cabal-install (c) or stack (s) version Operating System MATLAB
8.6.5 (s) Ubuntu 18.04 MATLAB R2018a
8.6.5 (s) NixOS 19.09 MATLAB R2017a
7.8.3 (c) Ubuntu 14.10 MATLAB R2014a
7.8.3 (c) Windows 7 MCR R2014a

Running tests

Engine test

Note that this requires shell program csh to be installed at /bin/csh. This is a requirement of the MATLAB Engine API. Instead of csh, tcsh may also be used as long as /bin/csh points to the tcsh executable.

All tests

Option 1

After installing, you can run a particular exectuable (e.g. matlab-engine-test) using the runHSMat.sh script. You need to make sure MATLAB_PATH is set correctly or passed in.

stack --nix install
./runHSMat.sh matlab-engine-test

Option 2 (not working yet)

LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$MATLAB_PATH/bin/glnxa64 /home/bebarker/workspace/haskell-matlab/.stack-work/install/x86_64-linux-nix/24c5769e9013838d87aa76fb4cdd10a09798b6904a6faa380de6fe6949e2c952/8.6.5/bin/matlab-engine-test

MATLAB Documentation

Engine API

See MATLAB Engine API for C for details.