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Programming language: Haskell
License: MIT License
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Haskell library providing functions to use Cairo to draw on SDL textures.

NOTE: The Processing-style drawing API has been moved to a separate package cairo-canvas.


This library depends on the new SDL2 bindings, available on Hackage as sdl2 version 2.1.0 or greater and cairo bindings.

Just clone and install this repository:

git clone [email protected]:apirogov/sdl2-cairo.git
cd sdl2-cairo
stack install

It should work with recent GHC versions (>= 7.8.4) without problems under Linux und OS X.


You can use Cairo with the Render monad on an SDL texture like this:

import SDL.Cairo
import Graphics.Rendering.Cairo
  texture <- createCairoTexture renderer (V2 800 600)
  withCairoTexture texture $ do
    setSourceRGBA 1 0 0
    lineTo 800 600

  copy renderer texture Nothing Nothing
  present renderer

If you are familiar with Processing, you can also use this together with the cairo-canvas package.

import SDL.Cairo
import Graphics.Rendering.Cairo.Canvas
  texture <- createCairoTexture renderer (V2 800 600)
  withCairoTexture' texture $ runCanvas $ do
    background $ gray 100
    stroke $ red 255
    fill $ blue 255 !@ 128
    rect $ D 0 0 100 100
    rect $ toD (V2 50 50) (V2 150 150)

  copy renderer texture Nothing Nothing
  present renderer

Finally, you can of course use this as glue to use diagrams with SDL with the Cairo backend:

import SDL.Cairo
import Diagrams.Backend.Cairo
  let (_,render) = renderDia Cairo (CairoOptions "" (mkSizeSpec $ V2 (Just 800) (Just 600))
                                                 RenderOnly False)
                                   (myDiagram :: QDiagram Cairo V2 Double Any)
  withCairoTexture texture render