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  • v0.4.2 Changes

    • Expand the version range for time
    • Depend on network-uri instead of network
  • v0.4.1 Changes

    • Make the clock react to time zone changes
  • v0.4.0 Changes

    🔋 Features

    • Resize the bar when the screen configuration changes (Robert Helgesson)
    • Support bypassing dyre by exposing taffybarMain (Christian Hoener zu Siederdissen)
    • Textual CPU and memory monitors (Zakhar Voit)
    • A new window switcher menu in the pager (José Alfredo Romero L)
    • Dynamic workspace support in the workspace switcher (Nick Hu)
    • More configurable network monitor (Arseniy Seroka)
    • New widget: text-based command runner (Arseniy Seroka)
    • The Graph widget supports lines graphs (via graphDataStyles) (Joachim Breitner)
    • Compile with gtk2hs 0.13

    🐛 Bug Fixes

    • Reduce wakeups by tweaking the default GHC RTS options (Joachim Breitner)
    • UTF8 fixes (Nathan Maxson)
    • Various fixes to EWMH support (José Alfredo Romero L)

    🗄 Deprecations

    ⬆️ The XMonadLog module is deprecated. This module let taffybar display XMonad desktop information through a dbus connection. The EWMH desktop support by José Alfredo Romero L is better in every way, so that (through TaffyPager) is the recommended replacement. Upgrading should be straightforward.

  • v0.3.0 Changes

    • A new pager (System.Taffybar.TaffyPager) from José A. Romero L. This pager is a drop-in replacement for the dbus-based XMonadLog widget. It communicates via X atoms and EWMH like a real pager. It even supports changing workspaces by clicking on them. I recommend this over the old widget.
    • Added an MPRIS2 widget (contributed by Igor Babuschkin)
    • Ported to use the newer merged dbus library instead of dbus-client/dbus-core (contributed by CJ van den Berg)
    • Finally have the calendar widget pop up over the date/time widget (contributed by José A. Romero)
    • GHC 7.6 compatibility
    • Vertical bars can now have dynamic background colors (suggested by Elliot Wolk)
    • Bug fixes
  • v0.2.1 Changes

    • More robust strut handling for multiple monitors of different sizes (contributed by Morgan Gibson)
    • New widgets from José A. Romero (network monitor, fs monitor, another CPU monitor)
    • Allow the bar widget to grow vertically (also contributed by José A. Romero)
  • v0.2.0 Changes

    • Add some more flexible formatting options for the XMonadLog widget (contributed by cnervi).
    • Make the PollingLabel more robust with an exception handler for IOExceptions
    • Added more documentation for a few widgets
  • v0.1.3 Changes

    • Depend on gtk 0.12.1+ to be able to build under ghc 7.2
    • Fix the background colors in the calendar so that it follows the GTK theme instead of the bar-specific color settings
    • Fix the display of non-ASCII window titles in the XMonad log applet (assuming you use the dbusLog function)
    • Add a horrible hack to force the bar to not resize to be larger than the screen due to notifications or long window titles
  • v0.1.2 Changes

    • Readable widget for freedesktop notifications
    • Fixed a few potential deadlocks on startup
    • Use the GTK+ rc-file styling system for colors instead of hard coding them