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  • v0.17.1 Changes

    September 03, 2022

    πŸ’₯ Breaking Changes

    • XMonad.Util.EZConfig

      • The functions parseKey, parseKeyCombo, and parseKeySequence now return a Parser (from XMonad.Util.Parser) instead of a ReadP.
    • XMonad.Config.{Arossato,Dmwit,Droundy,Monad,Prime,Saegesser,Sjanssen}

      • Deprecated all of these modules. The user-specific configuration modules may still be found [on the website].
    • XMonad.Util.NamedScratchpad

      • Scratchpads are now only based on the argument given to namedScratchpadManageHook; all other scratchpad arguments are, while still present, ignored. Users passing all of their scratchpads to functions like namedScratchpadAction (as is shown in the module's documentation) should not notice any difference in behaviour.
    • XMonad.Util.DynamicScratchpads

      • Deprecated the module; use the new dynamic scratchpad functionality of XMonad.Util.NamedScratchpad instead.
    • XMonad.Hooks.UrgencyHook

      • Deprecated urgencyConfig; use def from the new Default instance of UrgencyConfig instead.

    πŸ”§ [on the website]:

    πŸ†• New Modules

    • XMonad.Actions.PerLayoutKeys

      Customizes a keybinding on a per-layout basis. Based on PerWorkspaceKeys.

    • XMonad.Layout.CenteredIfSingle

      Layout modifier that, if only a single window is on screen, places that window in the middle of the screen.

    • XMonad.Util.ActionQueue

      Put XMonad actions in the queue to be executed every time the logHook (or, alternatively, a hook of your choice) runs.

    • XMonad.Hooks.BorderPerWindow

      While XMonad provides config to set all window borders at the same width, this extension lets user set border width for a specific window using a ManageHook.

    • XMonad.Util.Parser

      A wrapper around the 'ReadP' parser combinator, providing behaviour that's closer to the more popular parser combinator libraries.

    • XMonad.Hooks.StatusBar.WorkspaceScreen

      In multi-head setup, it might be useful to have screen information of the visible workspaces combined with the workspace name, for example in a status bar. This module provides utility functions to do just that.

    • XMonad.Hooks.ShowWName

      Flashes the name of the current workspace when switching to it. Like XMonad.Layout.ShowWName, but as a logHook.

    • XMonad.Actions.RepeatAction

      A module for adding a keybinding to repeat the last action, similar to Vim's . or Emacs's dot-mode.

    • XMonad.Util.Grab

      Utilities for making grabbing and ungrabbing keys more convenient.

    • XMonad.Hooks.Modal

      This module implements modal keybindings for xmonad.

    • XMonad.Layout.SideBorderDecoration

      This module allows for having a configurable border position around windows; i.e., it can move the border to either cardinal direction.

    πŸ› Bug Fixes and Minor Changes

    • XMonad.Prompt.Pass

      • Added new versions of the pass functions that allow user-specified prompts.
    • XMonad.Prompt.AppendFile

      • Use XMonad.Prelude.mkAbsolutePath to force names to be relative to the home directory and support ~/ prefixes.
    • XMonad.Prompt.OrgMode

      • Fixed the date parsing issue such that entries with a format of todo +d 12 02 2024 work.
      • Added the ability to specify alphabetic (#A, #B, and #C) priorities at the end of the input note.
    • XMonad.Prompt.Unicode

      • Fixed the display of non-ASCII characters in the description of Unicode characters
    • XMonad.Prompt

      • Added transposeChars to interchange the characters around the point and bound it to C-t in the Emacs XPKeymaps.
      • Added xft-based font fallback support. This may be used by appending other fonts to the given string: xft:iosevka-11,FontAwesome-9. Note that this requires xmonad-contrib to be compiled with X11-xft version 0.3.4 or higher.
    • XMonad.Hooks.WindowSwallowing

      • Fixed windows getting lost when used in conjunction with smartBorders and a single window.
      • No longer needs pstree to detect child/parent relationships.
      • Fixed some false positives in child/parent relationship detection.
    • XMonad.Actions.SpawnOn

      • Fixed parsing of /proc/*/stat to correctly handle complex process names.
    • XMonad.Util.EZConfig

      • Added support for Modifier Keys KeySyms for Emacs-like additionalKeysP.
    • XMonad.Hooks.ManageHelpers

      • Flipped how (^?), (~?), and ($?) work to more accurately reflect how one uses these operators.
      • Added isMinimized
    • XMonad.Actions.WindowNavigation

      • Fixed navigation getting "stuck" in certain situations for widescreen resolutions.
    • XMonad.Layout.BinarySpacePartition

      • Hidden windows are now ignored by the layout so that hidden windows in the stack don't offset position calculations in the layout.
    • XMonad.Layout.MagicFocus

      • The focused window will always be at the master area in the stack being passed onto the modified layout, even when focus leaves the workspace using the modified layout.
    • XMonad.Actions.TreeSelect

      • Added xft-based font fallback support. This may be used by appending other fonts to the given string: xft:iosevka-11,FontAwesome-9. Note that this requires xmonad-contrib to be compiled with X11-xft version 0.3.4 or higher.
    • XMonad.Actions.FloatKeys

      • Changed type signature of keysMoveWindow from D -> Window -> X () to ChangeDim -> Window -> X () to allow negative numbers without compiler warnings.
    • XMonad.Util.Hacks

      • Added trayerPaddingXmobarEventHook (plus generic variants for other trays/panels) to communicate trayer resize events to XMobar so that padding space may be reserved on xmobar for the tray. Requires xmobar version 0.40 or higher.
    • XMonad.Layout.VoidBorders

      • Added new layout modifier normalBorders which can be used for resetting borders back in layouts where you want borders after calling voidBorders.
    • XMonad.Prelude

      • Added keymaskToString and keyToString to show a key mask and a key in the style of XMonad.Util.EZConfig.
      • Added WindowScreen, which is a type synonym for the specialized Screen type, that results from the WindowSet definition in XMonad.Core.
      • Modified mkAbsolutePath to support a leading environment variable, so things like $HOME/NOTES work. If you want more general environment variable support, comment on this PR.
    • XMonad.Util.XUtils

      • Added withSimpleWindow, showSimpleWindow, WindowConfig, and WindowRect in order to simplify the handling of simple popup windows.
    • XMonad.Actions.Submap

      • Added visualSubmap to visualise the available keys and their actions when inside a submap.
    • XMonad.Prompt, XMonad.Actions.TreeSelect, XMonad.Actions.GridSelect

      • Key bindings now behave similarly to xmonad core: State of mouse buttons and XKB layout groups is ignored. Translation of key codes to symbols ignores modifiers, so Shift-Tab is now just (shiftMap, xK_Tab) instead of (shiftMap, xK_ISO_Left_Tab).
    • XMonad.Util.NamedScratchpad

      • Added support for dynamic scratchpads in the form of dynamicNSPAction and toggleDynamicNSP.
    • XMonad.Hooks.EwmhDesktops

      • Added support for _NET_DESKTOP_VIEWPORT, which is required by some status bars.
    • XMonad.Util.Run

      • Added an EDSLβ€”particularly geared towards programs like terminals or Emacsβ€”to spawn processes from XMonad in a compositional way.
    • XMonad.Hooks.UrgencyHook

      • Added a Default instance for UrgencyConfig and DzenUrgencyHook.

    Other changes

    • Migrated the sample build scripts from the deprecated xmonad-testing repo to scripts/build. This will be followed by a documentation update in the xmonad repo.
  • v0.17.0 Changes

    October 27, 2021

    πŸ’₯ Breaking Changes

    • All modules that export bitmap fonts as their default

      • If xmonad is compiled with XFT support (the default), use an XFT font instead. The previous default expected an X11 misc font (PCF), which is not supported in pango 1.44 anymore and thus some distributions have stopped shipping these.

      This fixes the silent user error (createFontSet); this would break the respective modules.

    • XMonad.Prompt

      • Now mkComplFunFromList and mkComplFunFromList' take an additional XPConfig argument, so that they can take into account the given searchPredicate.
      • A complCaseSensitivity field has been added to XPConfig, indicating whether case-sensitivity is desired when performing completion.
      • historyCompletion and historyCompletionP now both have an X constraint (was: IO), due to changes in how the xmonad core handles XDG directories.
      • The prompt window now sets a WM_CLASS property. This allows other applications, like compositors, to properly match on it.
    • XMonad.Hooks.EwmhDesktops

      • It is no longer recommended to use fullscreenEventHook directly. Instead, use ewmhFullscreen which additionally advertises fullscreen support in _NET_SUPPORTED and fixes fullscreening of applications that explicitly check it, e.g. mupdf-gl, sxiv, …

      XMonad.Layout.Fullscreen.fullscreenSupport now advertises it as well, and no configuration changes are required in this case.

      • Deprecated ewmhDesktopsLogHookCustom and ewmhDesktopsEventHookCustom; these are now replaced by a composable XMonad.Util.ExtensibleConf-based interface. Users are advised to just use the ewmh XConfig combinator and customize behaviour using the provided addEwmhWorkspaceSort, addEwmhWorkspaceRename functions, or better still, use integrations provided by modules such as XMonad.Actions.WorkspaceNames.

      This interface now additionally allows customization of what happens when clients request window activation. This can be used to ignore activation of annoying applications, to mark windows as urgent instead of focusing them, and more. There's also a new XMonad.Hooks.Focus module extending the ManageHook EDSL with useful combinators.

      • Ordering of windows that are set to _NET_CLIENT_LIST and _NET_CLIENT_LIST_STACKING was changed to be closer to the spec. From now these two lists will have differently sorted windows.
      • _NET_WM_STATE_DEMANDS_ATTENTION was added to the list of supported hints (as per _NET_SUPPORTED). This hint has long been understood by UrgencyHook. This enables certain applications (e.g. kitty terminal emulator) that check whether the hint is supported to use it.
    • All modules still exporting a defaultFoo constructor

      • All of these were now removed. You can use the re-exported def from Data.Default instead.
    • XMonad.Hooks.Script

      • execScriptHook now has an X constraint (was: MonadIO), due to changes in how the xmonad core handles XDG directories.
    • XMonad.Actions.WorkspaceNames

      • The type of getWorkspaceNames was changed to fit into the new ppRename field of PP.
    • XMonad.Hooks.StatusBar, XMonad.Hooks.StatusBar.PP (previously XMonad.Hooks.DynamicLog) and XMonad.Util.Run

      • spawnPipe no longer uses binary mode handles but defaults to the current locale encoding instead.

      dynamicLogString, the output of which usually goes directly into such a handle, no longer encodes its output in UTF-8, but returns a normal String of Unicode codepoints instead.

      When these two are used together, everything should continue to work as it always has, but in isolation behaviour might change.

      (To get the old spawnPipe behaviour, spawnPipeWithNoEncoding can now be used, and spawnPipeWithUtf8Encoding was added as well to force UTF-8 regardless of locale. These shouldn't normally be necessary, though.)

      • xmonadPropLog and xmonadPropLog' now encode the String in UTF-8. Again, no change when used together with dynamicLogString, but other uses of these in user configs might need to be adapted.
    • XMonad.Actions.TopicSpace

      • Deprecated the maxTopicHistory field, as well as the getLastFocusedTopics and setLastFocusedTopic functions. It is now recommended to directly use XMonad.Hooks.WorkspaceHistory instead.
      • Added TopicItem, as well as the helper functions topicNames, tiActions, tiDirs, noAction, and inHome for a more convenient specification of topics.
    • XMonad.Actions.CycleRecentWS

      • Changed the signature of recentWS to return a [WorkspaceId] instead of a [WindowSet], while cycleWindowSets and toggleWindowSets now take a function WindowSet -> [WorkspaceId] instead of one to [WindowSet] as their first argument. This fixes the interplay between this module and any layout that stores state.
    • XMonad.Layout.LayoutCombinators

      • Moved the alternative (|||) function and JumpToLayout to the xmonad core. They are re-exported by the module, but do not add any new functionality. NewSelect now exists as a deprecated type alias to Choose.
      • Removed the Wrap and NextLayoutNoWrap data constructors.
    • XMonad.Actions.CycleWS

      • Deprecated EmptyWS, HiddenWS, NonEmptyWS, HiddenNonEmptyWS, HiddenEmptyWS, AnyWS and WSTagGroup.
    • XMonad.Actions.GridSelect

      • colorRangeFromClassName now uses different hash function, so colors of inactive window tiles will be different (but still inside the provided color range).
    • XMonad.Actions.Search

      • Removed outdated isohunt search engine.
      • Updated URLs for codesearch, openstreetmap, and thesaurus search engines.
      • Added github search engine.

    πŸ†• New Modules

    • XMonad.Layout.FixedAspectRatio

      Layout modifier for user provided per-window aspect ratios.

    • XMonad.Hooks.TaffybarPagerHints

      Add a module that exports information about XMonads internal state that is not available through EWMH that is used by the taffybar status bar.

    • XMonad.Hooks.StatusBar.PP

      Originally contained inside XMonad.Hooks.DynamicLog, this module provides the pretty-printing abstraction and utilities, used primarly with logHook.

      Below are changes from XMonad.Hooks.DynamicLog, that now are included in this module:

      • Added shortenLeft function, like existing shorten but shortens by truncating from left instead of right. Useful for showing directories.
      • Added shorten' and shortenLeft' functions with customizable overflow markers.
      • Added filterOutWsPP for filtering out certain workspaces from being displayed.
      • Added xmobarBorder for creating borders around strings and xmobarFont for selecting an alternative font.
      • Added ppRename to PP, which makes it possible for extensions like workspaceNamesPP, marshallPP and/or clickablePP (which need to access the original WorkspaceId) to compose intuitively.
      • Added ppPrinters, WSPP and fallbackPrinters as a generalization of the ppCurrent, ppVisible… sextet, which makes it possible for extensions like copiesPP (which acts as if there was a ppHiddenWithCopies) to compose intuitively.
    • XMonad.Hooks.StatusBar

      This module provides a new interface that replaces XMonad.Hooks.DynamicLog, by providing composoble status bars. Supports property-based as well as pipe-based status bars.

    • XMonad.Util.Hacks

      A collection of hacks and fixes that should be easily acessible to users:

      • windowedFullscreenFix fixes fullscreen behaviour of chromium based applications when using windowed fullscreen.
      • javaHack helps when dealing with Java applications that might not work well with xmonad.
      • trayerAboveXmobarEventHook reliably stacks trayer on top of xmobar and below other windows
    • XMonad.Util.ActionCycle

      A module providing a simple way to implement "cycling" X actions, useful for things like alternating toggle-style keybindings.

    • XMonad.Actions.RotateSome

      Functions for rotating some elements around the stack while keeping others anchored in place. Useful in combination with layouts that dictate window visibility based on stack position, such as XMonad.Layout.LimitWindows.

      Export surfaceNext and surfacePrev actions, which treat the focused window and any hidden windows as a ring that can be rotated through the focused position.

      Export rotateSome, a pure function that rotates some elements around a stack while keeping others anchored in place.

    • XMonad.Actions.Sift

      Provide siftUp and siftDown actions, which behave like swapUp and swapDown but handle the wrapping case by exchanging the windows at either end of the stack instead of rotating the stack.

    • XMonad.Hooks.DynamicIcons

      Dynamically augment workspace names logged to a status bar via DynamicLog based on the contents (windows) of the workspace.

    • XMonad.Hooks.WindowSwallowing

      HandleEventHooks that implement window swallowing or sublayouting: Hide parent windows like terminals when opening other programs (like image viewers) from within them, restoring them once the child application closes.

    • XMonad.Actions.TiledWindowDragging

      An action that allows you to change the position of windows by dragging them around.

    • XMonad.Layout.ResizableThreeColumns

      A layout based on XMonad.Layout.ThreeColumns but with each slave window's height resizable.

    • XMonad.Layout.TallMastersCombo

      A layout combinator that support Shrink, Expand, and IncMasterN just as the Tall layout, and also support operations of two master windows: a main master, which is the original master window; a sub master, the first window of the second pane. This combinator can be nested, and has a good support for using XMonad.Layout.Tabbed as a sublayout.

    • XMonad.Actions.PerWindowKeys

      Create actions that run on a Query Bool, usually associated with conditions on a window, basis. Useful for creating bindings that are excluded or exclusive for some windows.

    • XMonad.Util.DynamicScratchpads

      Declare any window as a scratchpad on the fly. Once declared, the scratchpad behaves like XMonad.Util.NamedScratchpad.

    • XMonad.Prompt.Zsh

      A version of XMonad.Prompt.Shell that lets you use completions supplied by zsh.

    • XMonad.Util.ClickableWorkspaces

      Provides clickablePP, which when applied to the PP pretty-printer used by XMonad.Hooks.StatusBar.PP, will make the workspace tags clickable in XMobar (for switching focus).

    • XMonad.Layout.VoidBorders

      Provides a modifier that semi-permanently (requires manual intervention) disables borders for windows from the layout it modifies.

    • XMonad.Hooks.Focus

      Extends ManageHook EDSL to work on focused windows and current workspace.

    • XMonad.Config.LXQt

      This module provides a config suitable for use with the LXQt desktop environment.

    • XMonad.Prompt.OrgMode

      A prompt for interacting with org-mode. It can be used to quickly save TODOs, NOTEs, and the like with the additional capability to schedule/deadline a task, or use the primary selection as the contents of the note.

    • XMonad.Util.ExtensibleConf

      Extensible and composable configuration for contrib modules. Allows contrib modules to store custom configuration values inside XConfig. This lets them create custom hooks, ensure they hook into xmonad core only once, and possibly more.

    • XMonad.Hooks.Rescreen

      Custom hooks for screen (xrandr) configuration changes. These can be used to restart/reposition status bars or systrays automatically after xrandr, as well as to actually invoke xrandr or autorandr when an output is (dis)connected.

    • XMonad.Actions.EasyMotion

      A new module that allows selection of visible screens using a key chord. Inspired by vim-easymotion. See the animation in the vim-easymotion repo to get some idea of the functionality of this EasyMotion module.

    πŸ› Bug Fixes and Minor Changes

    • Add support for GHC 9.0.1.

    • XMonad.Actions.WithAll

      • Added killOthers, which kills all unfocused windows on the current workspace.
    • XMonad.Prompt.XMonad

      • Added xmonadPromptCT, which allows you to create an XMonad prompt with a custom title.
    • XMonad.Actions.DynamicWorkspaceGroups

      • Add support for XMonad.Actions.TopicSpace through viewTopicGroup and promptTopicGroupView.
    • XMonad.Actions.TreeSelect

      • Fix swapped green/blue in foreground when using Xft.
      • The spawned tree-select window now sets a WM_CLASS property. This allows other applications, like compositors, to properly match on it.
    • XMonad.Layout.Fullscreen

      • Add fullscreenSupportBorder which uses smartBorders to remove window borders when the window is fullscreen.
    • XMonad.Config.Mate

      • Split out the logout dialog and add a shutdown dialog. The default behavior remains the same but there are now mateLogout and mateShutdown actions available.
      • Add mod-d keybinding to open the Mate main menu.
    • XMonad.Actions.DynamicProjects

      • The changeProjectDirPrompt function respects the complCaseSensitivity field of XPConfig when performing directory completion.
      • modifyProject is now exported.
    • XMonad.Layout.WorkspaceDir

      • The changeDir function respects the complCaseSensitivity field of XPConfig when performing directory completion.
      • Chdir message is exported, so it's now possible to change the directory programmaticaly, not just via a user prompt.
    • XMonad.Prompt.Directory

      • Added directoryMultipleModes', like directoryMultipleModes with an additional ComplCaseSensitivity argument.
      • Directory completions are now sorted.
      • The Dir constructor now takes an additional ComplCaseSensitivity argument to indicate whether directory completion is case sensitive.
    • XMonad.Prompt.FuzzyMatch

      • fuzzySort will now accept cases where the input is not a subsequence of every completion.
    • XMonad.Prompt.Shell

      • Added getShellCompl', like getShellCompl with an additional ComplCaseSensitivity argument.
      • Added compgenDirectories and compgenFiles to get the directory/filename completion matches returned by the compgen shell builtin.
      • Added safeDirPrompt, which is like safePrompt, but optimized for the use-case of a program that needs a file as an argument.
    • XMonad.Prompt.Unicode

      • Reworked internally to call spawnPipe (asynchronous) instead of runProcessWithInput (synchronous), which fixes typeUnicodePrompt.
      • Now respects searchPredicate and sorter from user-supplied XPConfig.
    • XMonad.Hooks.DynamicLog

      • Added xmobarProp, for property-based alternative to xmobar.
      • Add the -dock argument to the dzen spawn arguments
      • The API for this module is frozen: this is now a compatibility wrapper.
      • References for this module are updated to point to X.H.StatusBar or X.H.StatusBar.PP
    • XMonad.Layout.BoringWindows

      • Added boring-aware swapUp, swapDown, siftUp, and siftDown functions.
      • Added markBoringEverywhere function, to mark the currently focused window boring on all layouts, when using XMonad.Actions.CopyWindow.
    • XMonad.Util.NamedScratchpad

      • Added two new exported functions to the module:
        • customRunNamedScratchpadAction (provides the option to customize the X () action the scratchpad is launched by)
        • spawnHereNamedScratchpadAction (uses XMonad.Actions.SpawnOn.spawnHere to initially start the scratchpad on the workspace it was launched on)
      • Deprecated namedScratchpadFilterOutWorkspace and namedScratchpadFilterOutWorkspacePP. Use XMonad.Util.WorkspaceCompare.filterOutWs respectively XMonad.Hooks.DynamicLog.filterOutWsPP instead.
      • Exported the scratchpadWorkspaceTag.
      • Added a new logHook nsHideOnFocusLoss for hiding scratchpads when they lose focus.
    • XMonad.Prompt.Window

      • Added allApplications function which maps application executable names to its underlying window.
      • Added a WithWindow constructor to WindowPrompt to allow executing actions of type Window -> X () on the chosen window.
    • XMonad.Prompt.WindowBringer

      • Added windowAppMap function which maps application executable names to its underlying window.
      • A new field windowFilter was added to the config, which allows the user to provide a function which will decide whether each window should be included in the window bringer menu.
    • XMonad.Actions.Search

      • The hoogle function now uses the new URL
      • Added promptSearchBrowser' function to only suggest previous searches of the selected search engine (instead of all search engines).
    • XMonad.Layout.MouseResizableTile

      • When we calculate dragger widths, we first try to get the border width of the focused window, before failing over to using the initial borderWidth.
    • XMonad.Actions.CycleRecentWS

      • Added cycleRecentNonEmptyWS function which behaves like cycleRecentWS but is constrainded to non-empty workspaces.
      • Added toggleRecentWS and toggleRecentNonEmptyWS functions which toggle between the current and most recent workspace, and continue to toggle back and forth on repeated presses, rather than cycling through other workspaces.
      • Added recentWS function which allows the recency list to be filtered with a user-provided predicate.
    • XMonad.Layout.Hidden

      • Export HiddenWindows type constructor.
      • Export popHiddenWindow function restoring a specific window.
    • XMonad.Hooks.ManageDocks

      • Export AvoidStruts constructor
      • Restored compatibility with pre-0.13 configs by making the startup hook unnecessary for correct functioning (strut cache is initialized on-demand).

      This is a temporary measure, however. The individual hooks are now deprecated in favor of the docks combinator, xmonad --recompile now reports deprecation warnings, and the hooks will be removed soon.

      • Fixed ignoring of strut updates from override-redirect windows, which is default for xmobar.

      Previously, if one wanted xmobar to reposition itself after xrandr changes and have xmonad handle that repositioning, one would need to configure xmobar with overrideRedirect = False, which would disable lowering on start and thus cause other problems. This is no longer necessary.

    • XMonad.Hooks.ManageHelpers

      • Export doSink
      • Added doLower and doRaise
      • Added shiftToSame and clientLeader which allow a hook to be created that shifts a window to the workspace of other windows of the application (using either the WM_CLIENT_LEADER or _NET_WM_PID property).
      • Added windowTag
      • Added (^?), (~?) and ($?) operators as infix versions of isPrefixOf, isInfixOf and isSuffixOf working with ManageHooks.
    • XMonad.Util.EZConfig

      • Added support for XF86Bluetooth.
    • XMonad.Util.Loggers

      • Make battery and loadAvg distro-independent.
      • Added logTitleOnScreen, logCurrentOnScreen and logLayoutOnScreen as screen-specific variants of logTitle, logCurrent and logLayout.
      • Added logWhenActive to have loggers active only when a certain screen is active.
      • Added logConst to log a constant String, and logDefault (infix: .|) to combine loggers.
      • Added logTitles to log all window titles (focused and unfocused ones) on the focused workspace, as well as logTitlesOnScreen as a screen-specific variant thereof.
      • Added logTitles' and logTitleOnScreen'. These act like logTitles and logTitlesOnScreen but use a record as an input to enable logging for more window types. For example, currently urgent windows are additionally supported.
    • XMonad.Layout.Minimize

      • Export Minimize type constructor.
    • XMonad.Actions.WorkspaceNames

      • Added workspaceNamesEwmh which makes workspace names visible to external pagers.
    • XMonad.Util.PureX

      • Added focusWindow and focusNth which don't refresh (and thus possibly flicker) when they happen to be a no-op.
      • Added shiftWin as a refresh tracking version of W.shiftWin.
    • Several LayoutClass instances now have an additional Typeable constraint which may break some advanced configs. The upside is that we can now add Typeable to LayoutClass in XMonad.Core and make it possible to introspect the current layout and its modifiers.

    • XMonad.Actions.TopicSpace

      • switchTopic now correctly updates the last used topics.
      • setLastFocusedTopic will now check whether we have exceeded the maxTopicHistory and prune the topic history as necessary, as well as cons the given topic onto the list before filtering it.
      • Added switchNthLastFocusedExclude, which works like switchNthLastFocused but is able to exclude certain topics.
      • Added switchTopicWith, which works like switchTopic, but one is able to give setLastFocusedTopic a custom filtering function as well.
      • Instead of a hand-rolled history, use the one from XMonad.Hooks.WorkspaceHistory.
      • Added the screen-aware functions getLastFocusedTopicsByScreen and switchNthLastFocusedByScreen.
    • XMonad.Hooks.WorkspaceHistory

      • Added workspaceHistoryModify to modify the workspace history with a pure function.
      • Added workspaceHistoryHookExclude for excluding certain workspaces to ever enter the history.
    • XMonad.Util.DebugWindow

      • Fixed a bottom in debugWindow when used on windows with UTF8 encoded titles.
    • XMonad.Config.Xfce

      • Set terminal to xfce4-terminal.
    • XMonad.Hooks.WorkspaceCompare

      • Added filterOutWs for workspace filtering.
    • XMonad.Prompt

      • Accommodate completion of multiple words even when alwaysHighlight is enabled.
      • Made the history respect words that were "completed" by alwaysHighlight upon confirmation of the selection by the user.
      • Fixed a crash when focusing a new window while the prompt was up by allowing pointer events to pass through the custom prompt event loop.
      • The prompt now cycles through its suggestions if one hits the ends of the suggestion list and presses TAB again.
      • Added maxComplColumns field to XPConfig, to limit the number of columns in the completion window.
      • Redefine ComplCaseSensitivity to a proper sum type as opposed to a newtype wrapper around Bool.
    • XMonad.Actions.TreeSelect

      • Fixed a crash when focusing a new window while the tree select window was up by allowing pointer events to pass through the custom tree select event loop.
    • XMonad.Layout.NoBorders

      • Fixed handling of floating window borders in multihead setups that was broken since 0.14.
      • Added OnlyFloat constructor to Ambiguity to unconditionally remove all borders on floating windows.
    • XMonad.Hooks.UrgencyHook

      • It's now possible to clear urgency of selected windows only using the newly exported clearUrgents' function. Also, this and clearUrgents now clear the _NET_WM_STATE_DEMANDS_ATTENTION bit as well.
      • Added a variant of filterUrgencyHook that takes a generic Query Bool to select which windows should never be marked urgent.
      • Added askUrgent and a doAskUrgent manage hook helper for marking windows as urgent from inside of xmonad. This can be used as a less intrusive action for windows requesting focus.
    • XMonad.Hooks.ServerMode

      • To make it easier to use, the xmonadctl client is now included in scripts/.
    • XMonad.Layout.TrackFloating

      • Fixed a bug that prevented changing focus on inactive workspaces.
    • XMonad.Layout.Magnifier

      • Added magnifierczOff and magnifierczOff' for custom-size magnifiers that start out with magnifying disabled.
      • Added magnify as a more general combinator, including the ability to postpone magnifying until there are a certain number of windows on the workspace.
    • XMonad.Layout.Renamed

      • Added KeepWordsLeft and KeepWordsRight for keeping certain number of words in left or right direction in layout description.
    • XMonad.Hooks.WallpaperSetter

      • Added defWPNamesPng, which works like defWPNames but maps ws-name to ws-name.png instead of ws-name.jpg.
      • Added defWPNamesJpg as an alias to defWPNames and deprecated the latter.
    • XMonad.Layout.SubLayouts

      • Floating windows are no longer moved to the end of the window stack.
    • XMonad.Layout.BinarySpacePartition

      • Add the ability to increase/decrease the window size by a custom rational number. E.g: sendMessage $ ExpandTowardsBy L 0.02
    • XMonad.Layout.Decoration

      • The decoration window now sets a WM_CLASS property. This allows other applications, like compositors, to properly match on it.
    • XMonad.Layout.IndependentScreens

      • Fixed a bug where marshallPP always sorted workspace names lexically. This changes the default behaviour of marshallPPβ€”the given ppSort now operates in the physical workspace names. The documentation of marshallSort contains an example of how to get the old behaviour, where ppSort operates in virtual names, back.
      • Added workspacesOn for filtering workspaces on the current screen.
      • Added withScreen to specify names for a given single screen.
      • Added new aliases PhysicalWindowSpace and VirtualWindowSpace for a WindowSpace for easier to read function signatures.
      • Added a few useful utility functions related to simplify using the module; namely workspaceOnScreen, focusWindow', focusScreen, nthWorkspace, and withWspOnScreen.
      • Fixed wrong type-signature of onCurrentScreen.
    • XMonad.Actions.CopyWindow

      • Added copiesPP to make a PP aware of copies of the focused window.
    • XMonad.Actions.CycleWS

      • Added :&:, :|: and Not data constructors to WSType to logically combine predicates.
      • Added hiddenWS, emptyWS and anyWS to replace deprecated constructors.
      • Added ingoringWSs as a WSType predicate to skip workspaces having a tag in a given list.
    • XMonad.Actions.DynamicWorkspaceOrder

      • Added swapWithCurrent and swapOrder to the list of exported names.
    • XMonad.Actions.Submap, XMonad.Util.Ungrab:

      • Fixed issue with keyboard/pointer staying grabbed when a blocking action like runProcessWithInput was invoked.
    • XMonad.Actions.UpdateFocus

      • Added focusUnderPointer, that updates the focus based on pointer position, an inverse of X.A.UpdatePointer, which moves the mouse pointer to match the focused window). Together these can be used to ensure focus stays in sync with mouse.
    • XMonad.Layout.MultiToggle

      • Added isToggleActive for querying the toggle state of transformers. Useful to show the state in a status bar.
    • XMonad.Layout.Spacing

      • Removed deprecations for spacing, spacingWithEdge, smartSpacing, and smartSpacingWithEdge.
    • XMonad.Actions.DynamicWorkspaces

      • Fixed a system freeze when using X.A.CopyWindow.copy in combination with removeWorkspace.
      • withWorkspace now honors the users searchPredicate, for example fuzzyMatch from Prompt.FuzzyMatch.
  • v0.16 Changes

    September 22, 2019

    πŸ’₯ Breaking Changes

    • XMonad.Layout.Decoration
      • Added Theme record fields for controlling decoration border width for active/inactive/urgent windows.
    • XMonad.Prompt

      • Prompt ships a vim-like keymap, see vimLikeXPKeymap and vimLikeXPKeymap'. A reworked event loop supports new vim-like prompt actions.
      • Prompt supports dynamic colors. Colors are now specified by the XPColor type in XPState while XPConfig colors remain unchanged for backwards compatibility.
      • Fixes showCompletionOnTab.
      • The behavior of moveWord and moveWord' has changed; brought in line with the documentation and now internally consistent. The old keymaps retain the original behavior; see the documentation to do the same your XMonad configuration.
    • XMonad.Util.Invisble

      • Requires MonadFail for Read instance

    πŸ†• New Modules

    • XMonad.Layout.TwoPanePersistent

      A layout that is like TwoPane but keeps track of the slave window that is currently beside the master. In TwoPane, the default behavior when the master is focused is to display the next window in the stack on the slave pane. This is a problem when a different slave window is selected without changing the stack order.

    • XMonad.Util.ExclusiveScratchpads

      Named scratchpads that can be mutually exclusive: This new module extends the idea of named scratchpads such that you can define "families of scratchpads" that are exclusive on the same screen. It also allows to remove this constraint of being mutually exclusive with another scratchpad.

    • XMonad.Actions.Prefix

      A module that allows the user to use an Emacs-style prefix argument (raw or numeric).

    πŸ› Bug Fixes and Minor Changes

    • XMonad.Layout.Tabbed

      tabbedLeft and tabbedRight will set their tabs' height and width according to decoHeight/decoWidth

    • XMonad.Prompt

      Added sorter to XPConfig used to sort the possible completions by how well they match the search string (example: XMonad.Prompt.FuzzyMatch).

      Fixes a potential bug where an error during prompt execution would leave the window open and keep the keyboard grabbed. See issue #180.

      Fixes issue #217, where using tab to wrap around the completion rows would fail when maxComplRows is restricting the number of rows of output.

    • XMonad.Prompt.Pass

      Added 'passOTPPrompt' to support getting OTP type password. This require pass-otp ( has been setup in the running machine.

      Added 'passGenerateAndCopyPrompt', which both generates a new password and copies it to the clipboard. These two actions are commonly desirable to take together, e.g. when establishing a new account.

      Made password prompts traverse symlinks when gathering password names for autocomplete.

    • XMonad.Actions.DynamicProjects

      Make the input directory read from the prompt in DynamicProjects absolute wrt the current directory.

      Before this, the directory set by the prompt was treated like a relative directory. This means that when you switch from a project with directory foo into a project with directory bar, xmonad actually tries to cd into foo/bar, instead of ~/bar as expected.

    • XMonad.Actions.DynamicWorkspaceOrder

      Add a version of withNthWorkspace that takes a [WorkspaceId] -> [WorkspaceId] transformation to apply over the list of workspace tags resulting from the dynamic order.

    • XMonad.Actions.GroupNavigation

      Add a utility function isOnAnyVisibleWS :: Query Bool to allow easy cycling between all windows on all visible workspaces.

    • XMonad.Hooks.WallpaperSetter

      Preserve the aspect ratio of wallpapers that xmonad sets. When previous versions would distort images to fit the screen size, it will now find a best fit by cropping instead.

    • XMonad.Util.Themes

      Add adwaitaTheme and adwaitaDarkTheme to match their respective GTK themes.

    • 'XMonad.Layout.BinarySpacePartition'

      Add a new SplitShiftDirectional message that allows moving windows by splitting its neighbours.

    • XMonad.Prompt.FuzzyMatch

      Make fuzzy sort show shorter strings first.

  • v0.15 Changes

    September 30, 2018

    πŸ’₯ Breaking Changes

    • XMonad.Layout.Groups & XMonad.Layout.Groups.Helpers The layout will no longer perform refreshes inside of its message handling. If you have been relying on it to in your xmonad.hs, you will need to start sending its messages in a manner that properly handles refreshing, e.g. with sendMessage.

    πŸ†• New Modules

    • XMonad.Util.Purex

      Unlike the opaque IO actions that X actions can wrap, regular reads from the XConf and modifications to the XState are fundamentally pure -- contrary to the current treatment of such actions in most xmonad code. Pure modifications to the WindowSet can be readily composed, but due to the need for those modifications to be properly handled by windows, other pure changes to the XState cannot be interleaved with those changes to the WindowSet without superfluous refreshes, hence breaking composability.

      This module aims to rectify that situation by drawing attention to it and providing PureX: a pure type with the same monadic interface to state as X. The XLike typeclass enables writing actions generic over the two monads; if pure, existing X actions can be generalised with only a change to the type signature. Various other utilities are provided, in particular the defile function which is needed by end-users.

    πŸ› Bug Fixes and Minor Changes

    • Add support for GHC 8.6.1.

    • XMonad.Actions.MessageHandling Refresh-performing functions updated to better reflect the new sendMessage.

  • v0.14 Changes

    July 31, 2018

    πŸ’₯ Breaking Changes

    • XMonad.Layout.Spacing

      Rewrite XMonad.Layout.Spacing. Borders are no longer uniform but composed of four sides each with its own border width. The screen and window borders are now separate and can be independently toggled on/off. The screen border examines the window/rectangle list resulting from 'runLayout' rather than the stack, which makes it compatible with layouts such as the builtin Full. The child layout will always be called with the screen border. If only a single window is displayed (and smartBorder enabled), it will be expanded into the original layout rectangle. Windows that are displayed but not part of the stack, such as those created by 'XMonad.Layout.Decoration', will be shifted out of the way, but not scaled (not possible for windows created by XMonad). This isn't perfect, so you might want to disable Spacing on such layouts.

    • XMonad.Util.SpawnOnce

      • Added spawnOnOnce, spawnNOnOnce and spawnAndDoOnce. These are useful in startup hooks to shift spawned windows to a specific workspace.
    • Adding handling of modifySpacing message in smartSpacing and smartSpacingWithEdge layout modifier

    • XMonad.Actions.GridSelect

      • Added field gs_bordercolor to GSConfig to specify border color.
    • XMonad.Layout.Minimize

      Though the interface it offers is quite similar, this module has been almost completely rewritten. The new XMonad.Actions.Minimize contains several functions that allow interaction with minimization window state. If you are using this module, you must upgrade your configuration to import X.A.Minimize and use maximizeWindow and withLastMinimized instead of sending messages to Minimized layout. XMonad.Hooks.RestoreMinimized has been completely deprecated, and its functions have no effect.

    • XMonad.Prompt.Unicode

      • unicodePrompt :: String -> XPConfig -> X () now additionally takes a filepath to the UnicodeData.txt file containing unicode data.
    • XMonad.Actions.PhysicalScreens

      getScreen, viewScreen, sendToScreen, onNextNeighbour, onPrevNeighbour now need a extra parameter of type ScreenComparator. This allow the user to specify how he want his screen to be ordered default value are:

      • def(same as verticalScreenOrderer) will keep previous behavior
      • verticalScreenOrderer
      • horizontalScreenOrderer

      One can build his custom ScreenOrderer using:

      • screenComparatorById (allow to order by Xinerama id)
      • screenComparatorByRectangle (allow to order by screen coordonate)
      • ScreenComparator (allow to mix ordering by screen coordonate and xinerama id)
    • XMonad.Util.WorkspaceCompare

      getXineramaPhysicalWsCompare now need a extra argument of type ScreenComparator defined in XMonad.Actions.PhysicalScreens (see changelog of this module for more information)

    • XMonad.Hooks.EwmhDesktops

      • Simplify ewmhDesktopsLogHookCustom, and remove the gnome-panel specific remapping of all visible windows to the active workspace (#216).
      • Handle workspace renames that might be occuring in the custom function that is provided to ewmhDesktopsLogHookCustom.
    • XMonad.Hooks.DynamicLog

      • Support xmobar's <action> and <raw> tags; see xmobarAction and xmobarRaw.
    • XMonad.Layout.NoBorders

      The layout now maintains a list of windows that never have borders, and a list of windows that always have borders. Use BorderMessage to manage these lists and the accompanying event hook (borderEventHook) to remove destroyed windows from them. Also provides the hasBorder manage hook.

      Two new conditions have been added to Ambiguity: OnlyLayoutFloat and OnlyLayoutFloatBelow; OnlyFloat was renamed to OnlyScreenFloat. See the documentation for more information.

      The type signature of hiddens was changed to accept a new Rectangle parameter representing the bounds of the parent layout, placed after the WindowSet parameter. Anyone defining a new instance of SetsAmbiguous will need to update their configuration. For example, replace "hiddens amb wset mst wrs =" either with "hiddens amb wset _ mst wrs =" or to make use of the new parameter with "hiddens amb wset lr mst wrs =".

    • XMonad.Actions.MessageFeedback

      • Follow the naming conventions of XMonad.Operations. Functions returning X () are named regularly (previously these ended in underscore) while those returning X Bool are suffixed with an uppercase 'B'.
      • Provide all X Bool and SomeMessage variations for sendMessage and sendMessageWithNoRefresh, not just sendMessageWithNoRefreshToCurrent (renamed from send).
      • The new tryInOrderB and tryMessageB functions accept a parameter of type SomeMessage -> X Bool, which means you are no longer constrained to the behavior of the sendMessageWithNoRefreshToCurrent dispatcher.
      • The send*Messages* family of funtions allows for sequencing arbitrary sets of messages with minimal refresh. It makes little sense for these functions to support custom message dispatchers.
      • Remain backwards compatible. Maintain deprecated aliases of all renamed functions:
        • send -> sendMessageWithNoRefreshToCurrentB
        • sendSM -> sendSomeMessageWithNoRefreshToCurrentB
        • sendSM_ -> sendSomeMessageWithNoRefreshToCurrent
        • tryInOrder -> tryInOrderWithNoRefreshToCurrentB
        • tryInOrder_ -> tryInOrderWithNoRefreshToCurrent
        • tryMessage -> tryMessageWithNoRefreshToCurrentB
        • tryMessage_ -> tryMessageWithNoRefreshToCurrent

    πŸ†• New Modules

    • XMonad.Layout.MultiToggle.TabBarDecoration

      Provides a simple transformer for use with XMonad.Layout.MultiToggle to dynamically toggle XMonad.Layout.TabBarDecoration.

    • XMonad.Hooks.RefocusLast

      Provides hooks and actions that keep track of recently focused windows on a per workspace basis and automatically refocus the last window on loss of the current (if appropriate as determined by user specified criteria).

    • XMonad.Layout.StateFull

      Provides StateFull: a stateful form of Full that does not misbehave when floats are focused, and the FocusTracking layout transformer by means of which StateFull is implemented. FocusTracking simply holds onto the last true focus it was given and continues to use it as the focus for the transformed layout until it sees another. It can be used to improve the behaviour of a child layout that has not been given the focused window.

    • XMonad.Actions.SwapPromote

      Module for tracking master window history per workspace, and associated functions for manipulating the stack using such history.

    • XMonad.Actions.CycleWorkspaceByScreen

      A new module that allows cycling through previously viewed workspaces in the order they were viewed most recently on the screen where cycling is taking place.

      Also provides the repeatableAction helper function which can be used to build actions that can be repeated while a modifier key is held down.

    • XMonad.Prompt.FuzzyMatch

      Provides a predicate fuzzyMatch that is much more lenient in matching completions in XMonad.Prompt than the default prefix match. Also provides a function fuzzySort that allows sorting the fuzzy matches by "how well" they match.

    • XMonad.Utils.SessionStart

      A new module that allows to query if this is the first time xmonad is started of the session, or a xmonad restart.

      Currently needs manual setting of the session start flag. This could be automated when this moves to the core repository.

    • XMonad.Layout.MultiDishes

      A new layout based on Dishes, however it accepts additional configuration to allow multiple windows within a single stack.

    • XMonad.Util.Rectangle

      A new module for handling pixel rectangles.

    • XMonad.Layout.BinaryColumn

      A new module which provides a simple grid layout, halving the window sizes of each window after master.

      This is similar to Column, but splits the window in a way that maintains window sizes upon adding & removing windows as well as the option to specify a minimum window size.

    πŸ› Bug Fixes and Minor Changes

    • XMonad.Layout.Grid

      Fix as per issue #223; Grid will no longer calculate more columns than there are windows.

    • XMonad.Hooks.FadeWindows

      Added support for GHC version 8.4.x by adding a Semigroup instance for Monoids

    • XMonad.Hooks.WallpaperSetter

      Added support for GHC version 8.4.x by adding a Semigroup instance for Monoids

    • XMonad.Hooks.Mosaic

      Added support for GHC version 8.4.x by adding a Semigroup instance for Monoids

    • XMonad.Actions.Navigation2D

      Added sideNavigation and a parameterised variant, providing a navigation strategy with fewer quirks for tiled layouts using X.L.Spacing.

    • XMonad.Layout.Fullscreen

      The fullscreen layouts will now not render any window that is totally obscured by fullscreen windows.

    • XMonad.Layout.Gaps

      Extended the sendMessage interface with ModifyGaps to allow arbitrary modifications to the GapSpec.

    • XMonad.Layout.Groups

      Added a new ModifyX message type that allows the modifying function to return values in the X monad.

    • XMonad.Actions.Navigation2D

      Generalised (and hence deprecated) hybridNavigation to hybridOf.

    • XMonad.Layout.LayoutHints

      Preserve the window order of the modified layout, except for the focused window that is placed on top. This fixes an issue where the border of the focused window in certain situations could be rendered below borders of unfocused windows. It also has a lower risk of interfering with the modified layout.

    • XMonad.Layout.MultiColumns

      The focused window is placed above the other windows if they would be made to overlap due to a layout modifier. (As long as it preserves the window order.)

    • XMonad.Actions.GridSelect

      • The vertical centring of text in each cell has been improved.
    • XMonad.Actions.SpawnOn

      • Bind windows spawns by child processes of the original window to the same workspace as the original window.
    • XMonad.Util.WindowProperties

      • Added the ability to test if a window has a tag from XMonad.Actions.TagWindows
    • XMonad.Layout.Magnifier

      • Handle IncMasterN messages.
    • XMonad.Util.EZConfig

      • Can now parse Latin1 keys, to better accommodate users with non-US keyboards.
    • XMonad.Actions.Submap

      Establish pointer grab to avoid freezing X, when button press occurs after submap key press. And terminate submap at button press in the same way, as we do for wrong key press.

    • XMonad.Hooks.SetWMName

      Add function getWMName.

    • XMonad.Hooks.ManageHelpers

      • Make type of ManageHook combinators more general.
      • New manage hook doSink for sinking windows (as upposed to the doFloat manage hook)
    • XMonad.Prompt

      Export insertString.

    • XMonad.Prompt.Window

      • New function: windowMultiPrompt for using mkXPromptWithModes with window prompts.
    • XMonad.Hooks.WorkspaceHistory

      • Now supports per screen history.
    • XMonad.Layout.ComboP

      • New PartitionWins message to re-partition all windows into the configured sub-layouts. Useful when window properties have changed and you want to re-sort windows into the appropriate sub-layout.
    • XMonad.Actions.Minimize

      • Now has withFirstMinimized and withFirstMinimized' so you can perform actions with both the last and first minimized windows easily.
    • XMonad.Config.Gnome

      • Update logout key combination (modm+shift+Q) to work with modern
    • XMonad.Prompt.Pass

      • New function passTypePrompt which uses xdotool to type in a password from the store, bypassing the clipboard.
      • New function passEditPrompt for editing a password from the store.
      • Now handles password labels with spaces and special characters inside them.
    • XMonad.Prompt.Unicode

      • Persist unicode data cache across XMonad instances due to ExtensibleState now used instead of unsafePerformIO.
      • typeUnicodePrompt :: String -> XPConfig -> X () provided to insert the Unicode character via xdotool instead of copying it to the paste buffer.
      • mkUnicodePrompt :: String -> [String] -> String -> XPConfig -> X () acts as a generic function to pass the selected Unicode character to any program.
    • XMonad.Prompt.AppendFile

      • New function appendFilePrompt' which allows for transformation of the string passed by a user before writing to a file.
    • XMonad.Hooks.DynamicLog

      • Added a new function dzenWithFlags which allows specifying the arguments passed to dzen2 invocation. The behaviour of current dzen function is unchanged.
    • XMonad.Util.Dzen

      • Now provides functions fgColor and bgColor to specify foreground and background color, align and slaveAlign to set text alignment, and lineCount to enable a second (slave) window that displays lines beyond the initial (title) one.
    • XMonad.Hooks.DynamicLog

      • Added optional ppVisibleNoWindows to differentiate between empty and non-empty visible workspaces in pretty printing.
    • XMonad.Actions.DynamicWorkspaceOrder

      • Added updateName and removeName to better control ordering when workspace names are changed or workspaces are removed.
    • XMonad.Config.Azerty

      • Added belgianConfig and belgianKeys to support Belgian AZERTY keyboards, which are slightly different from the French ones in the top row.
  • v0.13 Changes

    February 10, 2017

    πŸ’₯ Breaking Changes

    • The type of completionKey (of XPConfig record) has been changed from KeySym to (KeyMask, KeySym). The default value for this is still bound to the Tab key.

    • New constructor CenteredAt Rational Rational added for XMonad.Prompt.XPPosition.

    • XMonad.Prompt now stores its history file in the XMonad cache directory in a file named prompt-history.

    • XMonad.Hooks.ManageDocks now requires an additional startup hook to be added to configuration in addition to the other 3 hooks, otherwise docks started before xmonad are covered by windows. It's recommended to use the newly introduced docks function to add all necessary hooks to xmonad config.

    πŸ†• New Modules

    • XMonad.Layout.SortedLayout

      A new LayoutModifier that sorts a given layout by a list of properties. The order of properties in the list determines the order of windows in the final layout. Any unmatched windows go to the end of the order.

    • XMonad.Prompt.Unicode

      A prompt to search a unicode character by its name, and put it into the clipboard.

    • XMonad.Util.Ungrab

      Release xmonad's keyboard and pointer grabs immediately, so screen grabbers and lock utilities, etc. will work. Replaces the short sleep hackaround.

    • XMonad.Util.Loggers.NamedScratchpad

      A collection of Loggers (see XMonad.Util.Loggers) for NamedScratchpads (see XMonad.Util.NamedScratchpad).

    • XMonad.Util.NoTaskbar

      Utility function and ManageHook to mark a window to be ignored by EWMH taskbars and pagers. Useful for NamedScratchpad windows, since you will usually be taken to the NSP workspace by them.

    πŸ› Bug Fixes and Minor Changes

    • XMonad.Hooks.ManageDocks

      • Fix a very annoying bug where taskbars/docs would be covered by windows.
      • Also fix a bug that caused certain Gtk and Qt application to have issues displaying menus and popups.
    • XMonad.Layout.LayoutBuilder

      Merge all functionality from XMonad.Layout.LayoutBuilderP into XMonad.Layout.LayoutBuilder.

    • XMonad.Actions.WindowGo

      • Fix raiseNextMaybe cycling between 2 workspaces only.
    • XMonad.Actions.UpdatePointer

      • Fix bug when cursor gets stuck in one of the corners.
    • XMonad.Actions.DynamicProjects

      • Switching away from a dynamic project that contains no windows automatically deletes that project's workspace.

      The project itself was already being deleted, this just deletes the workspace created for it as well.

      • Added function to change the working directory (changeProjectDirPrompt)
      • All of the prompts are now multiple mode prompts. Try using the changeModeKey in a prompt and see what happens!
  • v0.12 Changes

    December 18, 2015

    πŸ’₯ Breaking Changes

    • XMonad.Actions.UpdatePointer.updatePointer arguments were changed. This allows including aspects of both of the TowardsCentre and Relative methods. To keep the same behavior, replace the entry in the left column with the entry on the right:

      < 0.12 >= 0.12
      updatePointer Nearest updatePointer (0.5, 0.5) (1,1)
      updatePointer (Relative x y) updatePointer (x,y) (0,0)
      updatePointer (TowardsCentre x y) updatePointer (0.5,0.5) (x,y)

    πŸ†• New Modules

    • XMonad.Actions.AfterDrag

      Perform an action after the current mouse drag is completed.

    • XMonad.Actions.DynamicProjects

      Imbues workspaces with additional features so they can be treated as individual project areas.

    • XMonad.Actions.LinkWorkspaces

      Provides bindings to add and delete links between workspaces. It is aimed at providing useful links between workspaces in a multihead setup. Linked workspaces are viewed at the same time.

    • XMonad.Config.Bepo

      This module fixes some of the keybindings for the francophone among you who use a BEPO keyboard layout. Based on XMonad.Config.Azerty

    • XMonad.Config.Dmwit

      Daniel Wagner's configuration.

    • XMonad.Config.Mate

      This module provides a config suitable for use with the MATE desktop environment.

    • XMonad.Config.Prime

      A draft of a brand new config syntax for xmonad.

    • XMonad.Hooks.DynamicProperty

      Module to apply a ManageHook to an already-mapped window when a property changes. This would commonly be used to match browser windows by title, since the final title will only be set after (a) the window is mapped, (b) its document has been loaded, (c) all load-time scripts have run.

    • XMonad.Hooks.ManageDebug

      A manageHook and associated logHook for debugging ManageHooks. Simplest usage: wrap your xmonad config in the debugManageHook combinator. Or use debugManageHookOn for a triggerable version, specifying the triggering key sequence in XMonad.Util.EZConfig syntax. Or use the individual hooks in whatever way you see fit.

    • XMonad.Hooks.WallpaperSetter

      Log hook which changes the wallpapers depending on visible workspaces.

    • XMonad.Hooks.WorkspaceHistory

      Keeps track of workspace viewing order.

    • XMonad.Layout.AvoidFloats

      Find a maximum empty rectangle around floating windows and use that area to display non-floating windows.

    • XMonad.Layout.BinarySpacePartition

      Layout where new windows will split the focused window in half, based off of BSPWM.

    • XMonad.Layout.Dwindle

      Three layouts: The first, Spiral, is a reimplementation of XMonad.Layout.Spiral.spiral with, at least to me, more intuitive semantics. The second, Dwindle, is inspired by a similar layout in awesome and produces the same sequence of decreasing window sizes as Spiral but pushes the smallest windows into a screen corner rather than the centre. The third, Squeeze arranges all windows in one row or in one column, with geometrically decreasing sizes.

    • XMonad.Layout.Hidden

      Similar to XMonad.Layout.Minimize but completely removes windows from the window set so XMonad.Layout.BoringWindows isn't necessary. Perfect companion to XMonad.Layout.BinarySpacePartition since it can be used to move windows to another part of the BSP tree.

    • XMonad.Layout.IfMax

      Provides IfMax layout, which will run one layout if there are maximum N windows on workspace, and another layout, when number of windows is greater than N.

    • XMonad.Layout.PerScreen

      Configure layouts based on the width of your screen; use your favorite multi-column layout for wide screens and a full-screen layout for small ones.

    • XMonad.Layout.Stoppable

      This module implements a special kind of layout modifier, which when applied to a layout, causes xmonad to stop all non-visible processes. In a way, this is a sledge-hammer for applications that drain power. For example, given a web browser on a stoppable workspace, once the workspace is hidden the web browser will be stopped.

    • XMonad.Prompt.ConfirmPrompt

      A module for setting up simple confirmation prompts for keybindings.

    • XMonad.Prompt.Pass

      This module provides 3 XMonad.Prompts to ease passwords manipulation (generate, read, remove) via [pass][].

    • XMonad.Util.RemoteWindows

      This module implements a proper way of finding out whether the window is remote or local.

    • XMonad.Util.SpawnNamedPipe

      A module for spawning a pipe whose Handle lives in the xmonad state.

    • XMonad.Util.WindowState

      Functions for saving per-window data.

    Miscellaneous Changes

    • Fix issue #9: XMonad.Prompt.Shell searchPredicate is ignored, defaults to isPrefixOf

    • Fix moveHistory when alwaysHighlight is enabled

    • XMonad.Actions.DynamicWorkspaceGroups now exports addRawWSGroup

    • Side tabs were added to the tabbed layout

    • XMonad/Layout/IndependentScreens now exports marshallSort

    • XMonad/Hooks/UrgencyHook now exports clearUrgency

    • Exceptions are now caught when finding commands on PATH in Prompt.Shell

    • Switched to Data.Default wherever possible

    • XMonad.Layout.IndependentScreens now exports whenCurrentOn

    • XMonad.Util.NamedActions now exports addDescrKeys'

    • EWMH DEMANDS_ATTENTION support added to UrgencyHook

    • New useTransientFor modifier in XMonad.Layout.TrackFloating

    • Added the ability to remove arbitrary workspaces

  • v0.11

    January 01, 2013
  • v0.10

    November 18, 2011
  • v0.9.1

    December 16, 2009