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  • v0.12.1 Changes

    • Add an upper bound on vty dependency to avoid build breakage with vty>=5.4 (#776)
    • Fix build with ghc 7.10 and "-fhint" flag
    • Fix build with -f-vty
    • Fix visual block append
  • v0.12.0 Changes

    • Yi can now be built with GHC 7.8 and 7.10, GHC 7.6 is no longer supported
    • hint (haskell interpreter library) dependency is now optional
    • Example configs are now checked for compilation errors by Travis CI
    • Fixed #715: yi -p opens files in reverse order and with duplicates
    • Fixed #744: Deleting text in marks (emacs mode)
    • Fixed #739: Emacs keybindings: double C-space
    • Fixed #737:
    • Fixed #741: Scroll cursor with wrapped lines
    • Fixed #738: Emacs mode, problems with selection
    • Fixed #610: Selection and search marks get confused when used together
    • Emacs keymap: M-r implementation
    • Vim keymap: :substitute now supports /i flag
    • Some refactoring and documentation fixes
  • v0.11.2 Changes

    • Clojure syntax highlighting
    • Vim operator gq (reflow text) now works
    • Vim insert keymap now includes page up/page down/end/home, and ←↑→↓ for navigating between windows.
    • CUA keymap got page up and page down too
    • New ex commands for vim keymap: :sort, :help, :undo. With no arguments :help displays all visible :yi commands. Given an argument, it displays type of this command or identifier.
    • Yi's own HLint rules are expanded.
  • v0.11.1 Changes

    • As usual, more vim keymap enhancements (#676, #673, #674, #661, gj/gk and more)
    • Make persistent search optional (#685)
    • Re-use hint sessions, greatly improving M-x &c performance
    • Make tag lists easier to configure
    • Add presave hook, mostly for vim keymap convenience
    • Fix vty issue where line length = screen width (#647)
    • Further improvements to encoding (#689)
  • v0.11.0 Changes

    • Try to guess and preserve the file encoding (#638)
    • Restore cursor position better after deleteTrailingSpacesB (#666)
    • Fix eolPoint' when on last, empty line (#667, #662)
    • More intuitive justOneSep (emacs M-SPC) (#665)
    • Closer behaviour to emacs C-x 0 (#642)
    • Allow vim to close dired &c buffers (#649)
    • yi-contrib was retired. yi-fuzzy-open and yi-snippet salvage the somewhat useful parts. You can still view the user configs under the yi-graveyard repository but they will not be maintained.
    • Switching buffers with vty frontend fixed.
    • Multiple fixes and additions to the vim keymap
    • Versions in cabal file bumped. Notable bound is on vty 5.2.4 which fixes builds on 32-bit machines.
  • v0.10.0 Changes

    • Unicode syntax highlighting fixed (issue #82)
    • Hook to GTK Window exposed (#557)
    • Multiple components moved out to separate packages (oo-prototypes, word-trie, yi-languages, yi-string)
    • Replace a lot of the API to use YiString/Text instead of String improving performance
    • Greatly improve performance in the pango front-end as long as line-wrapping is on (default)
    • Recognise read-only files (#145)
    • Various Vim keymap improvements and fixes
    • Use lens instead of uniplate, replace some boilerplate with lens
    • Improve test framework to handle windows interactions, e.g. scrolling.
    • Use GHC.Generics instead of derive on GHC 7.8
    • Remove bitrotten ghcapi and scion flags.
    • Support non-qwerty vim users
    • Support eventlog profiling with -feventlog
    • Eliminate idle CPU consumption in vty frontend
    • General cleanup
    • Make C-w closer to actual emacs behaviour (#612)
    • Make M-h behave more like emacs (#611)
    • Hint with buffer names when using C-k with emacs keymap (#606)
    • Fix display of paths starting with / (#528)
    • Don't mark buffer as changed if nothing was killed (#618)
    • Nicer findFile &c behaviour in dired buffers (#149)
    • Implement C-a for CUA (#167)
    • Fix dired for directories with unicode files/dirs (#445)
    • Fix vim indenting under some circumstances (#621)
    • Allow the font size to be changed per buffer (#608)
    • Double-click and triple-click selection in pango (#100 and #101)
    • Count columns properly in presence of tabs (#440)
    • Extra marking operations in dired

    Contributors: Alan Zimmerman, Anders Papitto, Anthony Quizon, Ben Armston, Benno Fünfstück, Carter Charbonneau, Corey O'Connor, Cray Elliott, Dmitry Ivanov, fiendfan1, Ilya Smelkov, Jakub Arnold, Jared Hance, jetho, Mateusz Kowalczyk, Richard Goulter, Ryan Desfosses, Siddhanathan Shanmugam

  • v0.9.0 Changes

    • Vim keymap removed. Vim2 is now called Vim.
  • v0.8.1 Changes

    • Fix accepted lens version range.
  • v0.8.0 Changes

    • This release works with GHC 7.8.1.
    • And doesn't work with GHC 7.4.
    • Lens is now used instead of data-accessor. Migration was mostly mechanical, patches for more idiomatic lens usage are welcome.
    • Yi.Prelude was getting complaints over the years so it's now gone.
    • Commandline flag for choosing config directory now works.
    • Vte and Cocoa (issue #481) frontends that were abandoned for years are removed. If you want to revive these or make new frontends (Qt, EFL, SDL, threepenny-gui, etc), patches are welcome!
    • Test files no longer make case sensitive filesystems mad (issue #458).
    • Yi no longer eats (20 x filesize) memory when opening a file.
    • Other bugfixes and usability tweaks here and there.

    Emacs-specific changes:

    • Dynamic reconfiguring yi with "M-x reload" now works (issue #515).
    • Cancel incremental search on cursor movement/return (issue #499).
    • Remove binding to cabal configure from emacs keymap (issue #522).
    • Bind M-{ and M-} to jump between paragraphs (issue #106).
    • Prompt the user for comment style when it's missing (issue #413).

    Vim2-specific changes:

    • C-n completion now uses words from all open buffer instead of just current one.
    • Introduced :buffer, :buffers and :bdelete commands and C-^ and C-6 normal mode bindings.
    • Meta modifier is now available for use in Vim2 bindings.
    • :s(ubstitute) now works with delimiters other than '/' (issue #461).
    • Introduced :cabal command.
    • More tests.
  • v0.7.2 Changes

    • This is a maintenance release, upper bound set for QuickCheck.