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Given a module name and a name, it will find and display the documentation of that name.

Example usage

Call it with a module name and an identifier:

$ haskell-docs Data.List.Split split
split :: forall a. Splitter a -> [a] -> [[a]]
Split a list according to the given splitting strategy. This is
 how to "run" a Splitter that has been built using the other


You should ensure that you have

documentation: True

in your .cabal/config so that the necessary .haddock files are generated.

Haddock is very sensitive to the GHC version. This program tries not to be. If you cannot install this package due to a version problem, open a Github issue. If the versions match up but the build fails, open a Github issue. Neither case should arise.

Supported GHC versions:

  • ghc==7.8.* (requires haddock==2.14.*)
  • ghc==7.6.* (requires haddock==2.13.*)
  • ghc==7.4.* (requires haddock==2.11.*)
  • ghc==7.2.* (requires haddock==2.9.*)

If you are using haddock==2.12 somehow, please open an issue about it.

Using with GHCi

 > :def doc \input -> return (":!haskell-docs " ++ input)
 > :doc System.IO getContents base


getContents :: IO String The getContents operation returns all user input as a single string, which is read lazily as it is needed (same as hGetContents stdin).

Add the above :def to your user .ghci to have it on start-up.

Contribution and issues

Issues/ideas/contributions please make a Github issue: http://github.com/chrisdone/haskell-docs/issues