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Programming language: Haskell
License: BSD 3-clause "New" or "Revised" License
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katt - CLI for the Kattis judge system Build Status

Unofficial Kattis CLI written in a git-like fashion, supports automatic downloading of test cases, easy submissions, and more.

Basically a problem is initialized as follows (creates a directory and downloads any available test cases):

> katt init hello
> cd hello

Source files, problem names, and language identification is handled automatically when submitting solutions:

> vim Hello.java
> katt submit
Made submission 4712
Accepted: 1 of 1 test(s) passed

There is also built-in support for problem sessions, which initializes all problems in the problem list.

Command overview

init <problem>
  Create the corresponding directory and download any available tests.

init-session <session>
  Initialize all problems associated to the problem session, given as an integer id.

submit [+add_file] [-skip_file]
  Make a submission using the problem name read from a local config.
  Defaults to recursively including all source and header files that can be found.
  Use the optional filter arguments to include or exclude files.


Get started by downloading a .kattisrc config from the official site, make sure you have the Haskell Platform installed, then run cabal install katt.

There are also binaries available for x64 linux.

Feel free to post an issue or pull request if there is something buggy (very likely in beta) or some improvement. Please note that the beta release is limited to C, C++ and Java. It also only supports running on nix-like systems.