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This package provides a library for the NewHope key exchange protocol. It has been made via examination of the official NewHope project's public domain C reference code and the author is not affiliated with that team or with NIST.

This codebase has not yet been reviewed by anyone other than the author. Until such time as it has been competently reviewed, please consider it as a draft implementation only, and do not rely on it for actual security in practice. Judged by comparison with the reference library, it does produce correct results but could contain subtle (or obvious!) flaws. In addition, it has not been optimized for performance and at this stage is probably quite a bit slower than the reference C implementation on any given platform.

This project uses the build manager "stack" to produceː

  • Crypto.NewHope, a library intended for general use.

  • PQCgenKAT -- a binary which generates KAT (Known Answer Test) files in the format required by the NIST PQC project. Invoke this binary with the single argument "all" to generate all of the KAT files.

  • speed -- a binary which runs performance tests of some of the NewHope functionality. These tests correspond to largely equivalent tests in the reference NewHope C code.

In addition, the project contains a fair number of automatically-evaluated tests that cover a large swath of the important functionality implemented, including that tested by the "test" binaries built by the reference C source, and including comparison between the KAT output that we produce and that produced by the reference C implementation. To run the tests and view the results, execute stack test at a command line.

लोकाः समस्ताः सुखिनोभवंतु

Patches, comments, and discussion are welcome. The most appropriate place for these for the time being is probably the Github repository.